All-Ukrainian on-line Olympiad of the best young mathematicians of Ukraine (WIM)

All-Ukrainian on-line Olympiad of the best young mathematicians of Ukraine (WIM)

Dear colleagues, friends, students parents and all concerned about our affairs!!! Tomorrow we have to hold our Olympiad, which in its representation is actually the fourth stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad. Let's try to apply to the Ministry of Education and Science for recognition of our OM as the successor of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad this year, this should apply to diplomas, ratings, incentives, etc.

But it is impossible to predict. Similarly, the 3rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of grades 5-7 will be held this year in an unusual format, but the main thing is that this event will take place. The most important thing that we lose is the gathering together in one place side by side of the participants, the jury, the organizing committee. It leaves an unforgettable impression of communication, from new acquaintances, from the atmosphere of such a holiday of mathematics. That is why this time we asked that at least the teams of each region be together in one place. I really hope that from next year everything will return to the usual rhythm and forms of conduct.

Now I wish everyone tomorrow a calm holding of the planned and prepared Olympiad, so that everything will go as well as possible –in a friendly atmosphere, with a good organization, in compliance with the principles of integrity and impartiality, because all our children are equal and the best.

In case of unexpected questions or problems, contact the organizing committee in Kyiv, we will try to help in their solution. I hope that the jury will get in touch in a timely manner and join the verification of works.

Glory to Ukraine!!!
Glory to the heroes!!!




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