VI All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus"

VI All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus"

August 15 (Saturday) – August 28 (Friday) 2020

  1. Organizational moments of the All-Ukrainian Summer School (VLSH)
  2. The main terms of the summer school
  3. Older in parallels
  4. Summer School Organizing Committee

1. Organizational moments of the All-Ukrainian Summer School (VLSH)

As always, all the details of the VLSH "Mathematical Olympus" you can track on the website and accordingly be aware of all the events.

Recently, it became finally clear that it is impossible to provide for the possibility of conducting an annual (off-line) summer mathematical school based on the UFML, and with a probability of 99% such conduct will not be possible in August. God forbid that the UFML will start working normally from September, because our summer school is not the only event that we hold in cooperation with the UFML.

Thus, we declare registration for the VI All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus" (VLSH) on-line. We will immediately declare the basic principles of this event:

  • before the start of the VLSH, a test/admission olympiad will be held (the form of the Olympiad, the period of conduct is now specified);
  • in each class will be formed a corresponding number of groups from 10 to 15 students in each, depending on the results of the Olympiad;
  • in each group there will be almost every day 3 pairs of 90 minutes with a possible break; as in the eye school on some days of classes will be less, that is, some weekends will be provided so that children have time to rest and perform homework;
  • in addition to lectures on Olympiad mathematics, lecturers are now pondering other forms of classes in order to somewhat diversify the form of communication with children by the participants of the VLSH;
  • the cost of a two-week study at the VLSH will be 1500 UAH, the form of money transfer we are now discussing, probably, there will be transfers to the card of lecturers.

We are waiting for your comments, wishes, questions, especially about other forms of classes with students. Perhaps you have interesting non-standard ideas, they will help us make learning in VLSH more interesting.

2. The main terms of the summer school

July 10 – August 10, 2020 – submission of an application for participation in the Mathematical Olympus School. To do this, fill out the following form:

Registration check:

August 10 – 14, 2020 – Test/Admission Olympiad VLSH Mathematical Olympus".

August 14, 2020 – division of participants into groups.

August 15 -28, 2020 – classes at the VLSH.

3. Older in parallels

Grade 5 — Kodyrova Zarina
Grade 6 — Kateryna Dudko
Grade 7 — Artemchuk Elena
Grade 8 — Mykola Moroz
9 class — Andrey Gurazovsky
10-11 class — Maria Banderas

4. Summer School Organizing Committee

Kodyrov Zarina
Bogdan Rublev

Glory to Ukraine!!!
Glory to the heroes!!!


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