All-Ukrainian on-line Olympiad of the best young mathematicians of Ukraine (WIM)

All-Ukrainian on-line Olympiad of the best young mathematicians of Ukraine (WIM)

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From now on, we will learn about the questions and news about THEO (All-Ukrainian Online Olympiad of the Best Young Mathematicians of Ukraine) from this post, in which we will indicate all new messages and clarifications, you should just look at when the last update took place and whether you should review it. The latest clarifications will go into the table of contents at number 0. After the next updates, they will be distributed according to the content.

0. Recent Clarifications

1. Jury and Organizing Committe

2. Summary of previous posts

4. Statement from parents

3. Organizing committees and jury on the grou

5. Clarification about the Olympiad 5-7 classes

0. Recent Clarifications

As of today, THE WHO will not be held in the following regions: Donetsk, Luhansk, Rivne and Khmelnytsky. We have not found interested people to carry it out. Some participants may try to join the IOM in other areas.It's time for registration of participants and jury members who will check the work. Each IOM-responsible colleague must either request access to the edit of the plaque and fill out a list of participants from their region or send a list of the above items to the Separately, it is necessary to fill in the participants of the 19th and 7th grades (separate sheets)

NameEducational institutionThe class for which the IOM will writeWas in the previous application for stage IV or spareThe city where the IOM will write
Dudko Kateryna SerhiivnaFaculty of Cybernetics13noCube

Also in the main plaque, in which we monitor the participation of regions in the OM and Olympiad 5-7, a column is added, where we will enter the jury members from the regions that have volunteered to check the work. 

1. Jury and Organizing Committee

About the work of the jury. It should be understood here that we actually have two different jury.

A local jury working on OM tours. Members of this jury are entrusted with such tasks during each of the two rounds.1. At 9:45 a.m., get a task from the head of the jury for a predefined contact.

2. Print it by the number of participants and start AFM at 10:00.

3. All the time, when children write, observe the observance of honesty and integrity of the tasks of the Olympiad. To prevent possible violations or to fix them, if it could not be avoided, to transfer all these details to the jury chairman and the secretary of the jury.4. During the IOM, children can ask questions, I think that the question period will be limited in time, that is, until 12:00. Questions are asked only in writing (this is safer and will not distract anyone), it should be photographed and forwarded to the elders in parallels (or the secretary of the jury), when the jury will provide an answer – as well as in writing, we will send it to you and the jury will show the answer to the participant.

5. At 2 p.m., collect works, do scans of the works and forward them to the jury chairman and jury secretary. It is desirable to save the work itself somewhere. Drafts are not scanned under any circumstances.From the above list, it is clear that the main thing from the local jury member is impartiality and not for bias, so that it is equidistants from the participants. Therefore, it is ideal if there are 2-3 such jury members so that they can accompany the children to the toilets or if other questions arise.

The 2012 jury. The basis of this jury will be members of the jury of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad, which were approved at one time by the official order of the Ministry of Education and Science. It is clear that not all of them are ready to check at the moment, so we can increase this list if we are informed about it in a timely manner. That is, those who want to join the inspection of works should respond.The main here are as always senior in class. High school seniors in the IOM should find out who is ready to test the work in this parallel. Next, the senior class forwards the works of the participants to these members of the jury with a request to check the corresponding task. As always, at least 2 jury members will check each task. Next, an assessment on the task of each participant should be agreed.

I note that encryption of works can not be done, because it is almost impossible to falsize here, since each jury member can see each task.

Each participant will be sent his work, after receiving points and published criteria, he must fill in his participation in the appeal in a Google nameplate. That is, to indicate on which task, and on which score the participant counts and according to which point the criterion. The next two days will be an online appeal between the participant, the jury member and, if necessary, the senior in the class, the chairman of the jury.Upon achievement, we will distribute the seats and approve it.On the work of the organizing committee. The Organizing Committee should provide safe and convenient conditions for holding the Olympiad in its field. So that children sit at a safe distance so that they are not too hot, provide notebooks and drafts, find a doctor, etc. And heed the advice and comments of the local jury.

2. Dry facts about the IOM – the purpose of the conduct, the schedule, the conditions of the conduct.

About the 3rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for grades 5-7

  • There is a great doubt that it will be possible to hold the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad at the official level with the consent of the Ministry of Education and Science and the assistance of the INSTITUTE.
  • We plan to hold a 4th stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad of the best young mathematicians of Ukraine in the format of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad. All those representatives of the regions that got in the application from the region for the IV stage are invited to participate. In case of refusal of the participant or the impossibility of his participation in the specified event, the next representative of the region should take his position.
  • The team from each region should gather in a place that will determine the organizing committee of the Olympiad. It must fully comply with the existing restrictive measures that will currently operate in the region – the distance between the participants, the presence of protective equipment, airing the premises, etc. In addition, the chosen place should be convenient for participants from the region and members of the jury and organizing committee, in the sense of maintaining integrity in the performance of work.
  • the IOM will be held within the following time frame:

July 20, 2020 from 10:00 to 14:00 – 1 round of the OM;

July 21, 2020 from 10:00 to 14:00 – 2nd round of the OM;

July 22, 2020 from 9:00 to 21:00 – applications for appeal;

July 23-24, 2020 from 9:00 to 16:00 – appeal according to the schedule;

July 24, 2020 from 16:00 to 17:00 – summing up the results of the OM.

  • Participants from the UFML must participate in the place of present residence. That is, to join the UM in the relevant region, but to inform the local organizers in a timely manner.
  • It is proposed to hold the 3rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for grades 5-7 simultaneously with the WIM. But in order to ensure that the region has to provide 1 official participant from the region in the 5th, 6th and 7th grades.

3. Statement from parents

If parents and children want to participate in the OM as part of the regional team, then they should make such a statement. We offer a sample.

Jury Chairman

All-Ukrainian Online Olympiad

the best young mathematicians of Ukraine

RubleV B.V.

And the Chairman of the Organizing Committee

All-Ukrainian Online Olympiad

the best young mathematicians of Ukraine

in Lviv region

Taratuli O.B.

mother of a IOM participant from

Lviv region

Taras Shevchenko

Oksana Shevchenko


I give permission for my child to participate in the All-Ukrainian online Olympiad of the best young mathematicians of Ukraine. I believe that for its holding in the city of Lviv region all the necessary conditions for its safe conduct for my child have been fulfilled.

But I understand that 100% protection against COVID-19 does not exist yet.

Number Label

If parents give consent, then such a statement should be at the organizing committee no later than the beginning of the first round of the OM. Absolutely similar statements should be collected from the parents of the participants of the 3rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for grades 5-7. We will not be forced to participate in these activities without his or her parents' statement, which will surely indicate a desire to participate and a good will to do so. This application should not be redirected to Kyiv, it is enough for it to be during the events of the local organizers of the Olympiads.

This should at least protect our UM organizers on the ground from "stupid questions" like "Who authorized you to collect children?" Everything is done for the sake of children and with the consent of their parents, but the conditions of safe conduct are mandatory. All comments and wishes of parents on the ground, if they are right, must be taken into account.

4. Organizing committees and jury on the ground

Each region should respond by wanting to help conduct AODs in their field. Ideally, these should be methodologists in mathematics, team leaders from the region at the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad, jury members from the region at the 3rd and 4th stages of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad, leading teachers, teachers of universities, students, etc.

Some of them should form an organizing committee, which should first of all make:

  • to find a safe place for 111 OM (and Olympiads 5-7, if any) in the regional center or in another convenient for the city of the region;
  • contact the parents of the students of the participants from the region (more on this below).

The second part forms a jury that will be responsible for the following questions:

  • get a task from the head of the jury 15-30 minutes before the start of the tour;
  • print it in the right quantity for participants;
  • start the tour at 10:00, during the tour to answer questions according to the approved procedure;
  • collect works at 14:00.
  • scan the robots and send them to the jury for further verification.

It is desirable that there are at least two members of the jury and representatives of the organizing committee, although more are possible.

For the representatives of our team that will organize AI in the region, it should be understood that there will be no official paper from the Ministry of Education and Science, IZO or KNU. No one will want to take responsibility for an event that they do not support very much, and do not really understand how it will take place without their intervention. The maximum is a letter of appeal from the head of the jury, but to whom exactly you need to tell, that is, to give the fish an appeal.

Members of the organizing committee should contact the parents of each child who received the right to participate in the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics. They need to understand that we are trying to organize this event for the sake of their children, and therefore they need fundamental assistance.

  • If parents and children agree to participate in the IOM, then they should see exactly where the event is planned, make sure that there are safe conditions for holding and write consent for the child's participation (an example of the application is attached).
  • If the child (and parents) do not live in the regional center (or the city where the FM is planned to be held in the region), and it will be difficult to get to the place on the day of writing tours, then parents should find a place where they could stay with the child on July 20-21 – hotel, rented apartment, relatives, etc. If necessary, we will reimburse such costs.
  • If the parents and/or child refuses to participate in the IOM (it refuses, and does not just know what will happen), then parents should warn about it in a certain way as soon as possible – Viber, telegram, written statement, etc. Then you need to invite the next one by rating from the participant's area.

The following is a plaque that will be updated every day. It contains members of the organizing committee and the jury, who have already volunteered to help with its conduct in the region (perhaps there are more, but more than 2 should not be accurately indicated). If this position is empty , it means that either we have not yet collided with the representatives of the region, or so far all possible candidates have been refused. But we will continue to look for the Olympiad to be held in each region. We look forward to the help of active and caring parents who understand that it is very important for our children to hold these events. But it is clear that it is possible in several areas it may not happen. For all the will of God.

The word "yes" in the relevant graphs means that the VOM is planned to hold, the word "no" means that a certain event (VOM or Olympiad 5-7) in this region will not be held (definitively or at the moment), an empty graph – nothing has yet been clarified. Of course, changes are also possible here.

If you want to join the event, please respond with all possible means, either immediately to local organizers or/and immediately to the organizers in Kyiv so that we can help coordinate all actions and plans.


5. Clarification about the Olympiad 5-7 classes

The first two All-Ukrainian Olympiads for grades 5-7 were held in Kyiv, and we, as organizers, included an additional 2-3 participants in each parallel outside the competition. This meant that their results did not affect the results of other competitive participants. They received diplomas according to their result with the note "out of competition". But the participants who competed from Kyiv in the competition program were determined in advance (and not the participant who already showed the best result at the Olympiad). Similarly, these children did not receive the main prizes. This year everything is preserved for Kyiv residents, we are waiting for all the participants who were determined from Kyiv according to the results of the 3rd stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad (grades 7) and Kyiv Olympiads for grades 4-6 (for grades 5-6).

For other regions, we can offer a similar approach, since this Olympiad will take place in your region. It is especially important if the applicants are 2-3, and the final selection was impossible due to the pandemic in the country. You can invite several participants to each parallel, but with the obligatory selection of the participant in parallel, who competes in the general competition with participants from other regions. For everyone else it will be an internal competition for which you can find your prizes and other promotions. I note that for smaller children, prizes are quite an important element of the event. But I repeat, you decide everything in the region – to conduct at all or not, which of the participants to invite to the main application, whom is out of the competition.

Glory to Ukraine!!!

Glory to the heroes!!!


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