All-Ukrainian Olympiad of Mathematicians (WIM. First additions and questions

All-Ukrainian Olympiad of Mathematicians (WIM. First additions and questions

1. Preamble
2. First questions
3. Clarification on IOM participants
4. About the 3rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for grades 5-7

5. Next will be


Everything that is written here concerns the All-Ukrainian online Olympiad of the best young mathematicians of Ukraine (WIM), and therefore, if you have not read the first post about it, you should first do it at the link:

First questions

1. Participation in the UM representatives of the UFML.

Participants from the UFML ask about their possible participation in the UFML. First, it is necessary that the team leader agree on the list of participants in accordance with the selection in the fall and the list submitted for participation in the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad. If there is all the booz changes, then such participation of team members from the UFML is offered. They should join the teams in the area where they now live. More precisely, contact the organizers of the IOM in the appropriate area and ask to reserve a place for yourself. If you have any misunderstandings or problems, please contact us. 

Clarification on IOM participants

We ask that the participants from the region correspond to the application from the region for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad. Ideally, all planned participants of the IV stage become participants of the 4th stage. If some participants are unable to participate in the IOM, then their refusal is required, that is, so that it does not happen that the child is not aware of the WAM, and he has already been replaced. Therefore, regarding the preliminary question, we must first obtain an UFML application and a list of UFML participants.

This is also very important because if we continue to appeal to the recognition of the results of this Olympiad, so that children receive not only our diplomas, then this will be perhaps the most important argument.

About the 3rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for grades 5-7

Here I would just like to ask potential participants of the 3rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of 5-7 grades. It was planned for the end of April – early May. It is understood that its conduct has been rescheduled/cancelled.

According to the rules of its conduct from each region it was planned to participate 3 students – one of the 5th, 6th and 7th grades. If participants from oblasts are identified, can it be aligned with the IOM? Because the organizers of both events are mostly the same., the tasks and the jury are ready. We can hold it this time only for participants of those regions who prefer to do it. It is a pity if such an event disappears for at least a year in our calendar, because a whole layer of children will not be able to participate in it. 

Next will be…

In general, we plan to discuss all issues as soon as possible, so follow the site and retrance your questions, suggestions, comments, wishes, etc. in any way, we will publish them here if there is nothing personal…

Glory to Ukraine!!!

Glory to the heroes!!!


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