All-Ukrainian on-line Olympiad of the best young mathematicians of Ukraine (WIM)

All-Ukrainian on-line Olympiad of the best young mathematicians of Ukraine (WIM)


  1. The situation in education
  2. Principles of all-Ukrainian online olympiad of the best young mathematicians of Ukraine (WIM)
  3. Dates and time of the IOM
  4. 2011 VM Participants
  5. The principle of conducting tours of OM
  6. 2012 OM Jury
  7. 3D Appeal
  8. 3D Results
  9. Wishes and comments


The situation in education

All our hopes for the IV stages of the All-Ukrainian Olympiads are becoming more and more useless… There is no approved Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, with the signature of which such competitions could take place. There is great doubt about the appointed acting Minister that it is our Olympiads that will be his priority, first of all. Secondly, if we even bring our questions and problems to the Ministry of Education and Science, then someone will dare to take responsibility for the official holding of the IV stages of the All-Ukrainian, especially taking into account the epidemiological situation in the country, as well as with the complete lack of funding for these Olympiads.

Here you can thank our informatics (or programmers who like it as much as possible) for their determination. For everyone who is interested in their intentions, then read at this link:

I think there is no other way out in this situation. The more subjects it will be possible to launch and carry out such events, the more significant their results will be for the educational environment. No one prohibits the Olympian community from gathering, grouping and holding long-awaited competitions for children who have won such a right on a long journey from autumn 2019 to spring 2020 in compliance with all restrictive measures. Be sure to note that for a good correct holding of such an event, it is very important to group all stakeholders – participants, jury, organizing committee, parents, teachers, etc.

Principles of all-Ukrainian online Olympiad

the best young mathematicians of Ukraine (WIM)

The UM will be held in the format of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics, that is, participants in 4 parallels of 8-11 classes will compete, each of which will be held 2 rounds. In each round, participants will be offered 4 tasks for 4 hours.

Dates and time of the IOM

Let's start with the period of conduct. It is clear that now the EIT has begun, which will last from June 25 (mathematics) to July 15 (chemistry). After that, there is a certain time during which students will wait for the results of eit, make appeals and choose universities for admission. It is at this time that it is logical to hold our Olympiad. In order not to overlap with the Programming Olympiad, we pre-plan to hold it on July 20-21 (1-2 rounds) in 2020 from 10.00 to 14.00.

2011 VM Participants

All those participants from each region who have won the right to compete in the IV stage of the Olympiad in mathematics, which was scheduled for March 2020, are invited to participate in the OM. We hope that all potential participants will have enough time to adjust their summer plans taking into account the IOM. It is possible to replace individual participants in teams from oblasts if one of the potential participants is unable to participate in the IOM during this period. The reasons for such refusal can be both purely objective – illness, an important trip on business or with family, etc., and purely subjective – not the desire to participate in this event within the specified period. However, the replacement of participants is possible only on a sports principle, the following participants from the region should take vacant seats.

The composition of the team of each region should be transferred to the chairman of the jury Bohdan Rublev and/or the secretary of the jury Iryna Zhuk. We expect this information from the officials of the region at the IV stage, in case of their absence – from other competent and interested persons. Information on the composition of the team from the region should be provided no later than July 15, 2020.

The principle of conducting tours of OM

The team from each region should gather in a place that will determine the leadership of the regional team. It should be convenient for participants from the region and jury members. That is, it must fully comply with the existing restrictive measures that will currently operate in the region, for example, the distance between the participants of at least 1.5 meters, the presence of protective equipment, airing the premises, etc. It should be convenient for participants and jury members to get to this place, and it should be convenient for participants to write tours there, and it should be convenient for jury members to observe integrity when doing work.

The venue of the Olympiad must be determined and communicated to the participants, the jury also no later than July 15, 2020.

2012 OM Jury

All jury members who are approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science are invited to participate in the work of the OM jury, as well as an additional number of jury members will be invited.

Jury Links


The role of jury members in the UM, as it is conducted online, is somewhat wider compared to the usual work of the jury. Each oblast must have 2-3 (or more) jury members responsible for such stages of the IOM.

  1. Timely receive tasks from the head of the jury, print them out and give them exactly at 10:00 to the participants.
  2. To answer the participants' questions on the terms of writing, that is, participants ask questions in writing (so as not to distract other participants), the answer to such questions is consistent with the senior in parallels and is also given in writing to the participant. Upon completion of the competition, these question papers should be reviewed by other participants.
  3. Adhere to strict adherence to the rules of the Olympiad – prohibition of communication with other participants and third parties, use of written and electronic sources, etc.
  4. At the end of the tour, collect works at 14:00, encrypt them and scans of the cleaners of the works send to the secretary of the jury Iryna Zhuk. Upon completion of the two rounds, each participant will be provided with a scan of his work to conduct an appeal. The works themselves should be kept by the jury.

That is why we will need "volunteers" from the jury to help conduct tours on the ground. Therefore, we ask all the jury members approved by the order to inform the jury secretary Iryna Zhuk whether or not you will be able to participate in the OM within the specified period in the proposed place. In addition, we expect proposals from volunteers in each region regarding assistance in conducting NAM. All these answers and suggestions must be submitted by July 10, 2020. We need additional time to find additional assistants in the absence of a sufficient number of jury members in the region.

Seniors in parallels will determine the verification of works between the jury members and appropriately send out materials for verification.

3D Appeal

Since the OM is conducted online, we do not need to conduct an appeal the next day after the second round. We can give the jury more time to review to reduce further corrections during the appeal. Appeal dates will be appointed additionally and will be held online.

3D Results

Upon completion of the appeal, the results of the OM will be summed up in strict accordance with the current "Regulations on olympiads". In August, we plan to hold the Final Part of the UM, where the 12 best in grade 11 will be invited, as well as 1 best in 8-10 grades. That is, about 15 participants will be invited to this competition, which may become more (in the case of equal results, some participants who will occupy boundary places) or less (if some participants refuse different resonances from participating in the final, then the following participants will not be invited to their places).

Wishes and comments

Wishes from us – please help in such a difficult time for education in conducting AODs so that as many participants who have won the right to compete at stage IV have volunteered and are able to participate in the OM. The latter is very important in the sense that these results can be tried to be approved by the Ministry of Education and Science (this is not believed very much, but if the number of participants is not proper, then the issue of recognition will not even be raised). Of course, we are not talking about any additional points for admission.

We also expect from you comments, wishes of other right proposals, as best as possible to organize and conduct AOM, because everything is impossible to predict. The sooner we understand what inappropriateness can be encountered, the easier it will be for us to overcome them. Remind us of all those aspects that we forgot to make public at all.


Glory to Ukraine!!!
Glory to the heroes!!!


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