About IV stages of All-Ukrainian Olympiads

About IV stages of All-Ukrainian Olympiads

  1. EIT and Olympiads
  2. Is there a way out…

EIT and Olympiads

What prompted me to express my thoughts will become clear by text, but I ask all those involved in the Ukrainian Olympiads to respond adequately.

Ukraine is about to undergo a test and in 10 days the main EIT session will begin. Everyone understands the importance of this event and there is no objection to the fact that eit should be carried out.Now let's give a look at the school olympiads. As for the mass in the EIT, more than 200 thousand will take a test in Ukrainian, on other subjects smaller numbers, but their order is clear. In olympiads only in mathematics, if we consider all the stages, starting from the 1st, at least 300 thousand children take part, and if we consider all 25 subjects more than, then in general the numbers are an order of magnitude higher. And now imagine that we do not know now how to conduct the final IV stages of olympiads in all subjects. That is, a huge pyramid of participants, who began their Olympic journey in one direction or in several directions, turned out to be cut at the decisive and most important stage. One should not think that worries those few thousand children who have won the right to participate in this stage. In fact, most of the participants of the Olympiad at different stages monitor the further course of events at each stage – the conditions of tasks, solutions, winners, etc.Let's imagine for one minute what we did with the EIT, that is, children were fruitfully preparing, conducted training tests in schools, passed a test EIT and… the last stage of the main EIT session is canceled. You imagine that at this moment students, parents, teachers, schools, universities, etc. will feel. Not just canceled, but also did not give hope for the completion of the entire EIT cycle.With the Olympiads they did exactly that way and I think that the feeling of everyone involved in the Olympiads is very, very bad. We have simply not yet been given any chance to complete this year's cycle of Olympiads. And this is not only to deprive children of a real scientific holiday, which is always the IV stage of the subject Olympiad. I do not think that EIT can be at least slightly compared with the holiday, EIT for the most part feels like a very important test, where every mistake can cost dearly, and therefore hardly has a good effect on the nervous system of the child. In addition, the winners of olympiads in final classes can be deprived of additional points, which can be decisive when a talented child enters the desired place of study, and these points are officially provided in the admission rules. Similarly, we cannot select Ukraine's teams for all International Olympiads, which this year will be held later than usual and online. You can still find a bunch of other very important things that our olympiad winners get rid of by such a decision.Is there a way out…

As for me, the way out is worth looking for. For example, I give exactly one of the possible options for the IV stages of olympiads. Do this for starters only for 11th grades immediately after the main EIT session, that is, from July 18 to July 31. Why is it possible? No one will risk the health of children, it is holy. But let's imagine that 30-40 children, 20-30 adults and 10-15 members of the jury are going. Obviously, they can be settled in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, no more than 10 students can be planted in each classroom, etc., and all other norms will be observed. As for the road to the Olympiad, now trains should go no more than 2 people per compartment, so you can simply compare where the probability of contracting more – during the Olympiad in this format (even with the road) or during the main EIT session?But if in this format someone sees certain inappropriateness, shortcomings, etc., then they should be specified and can be under attack if these comments are reasonable and aimed at resolving the case, and not just "find something and ban under any conditions".

With the ideal holding of the IV stage for 11th grades, it is possible to hold olympiads in August and for all other classes, since, firstly, it is impossible to separate some classes from others, we have all the participants of the Olympiads are equally important, and secondly, for all other classes there is no problem of entering the university in August and therefore quite suitable for the final stage.

Why am I sounding the alarm right now? Because when I communicated with the jury, I have already realized that most of them, seeing the situation in the country and the world, are already planning a full rest for July-August. It may happen that both parents of graduates and children themselves also plan to go somewhere before a difficult academic year at the university, and will be right in this choice. Therefore, it is desirable to determine the prospects for the IV stages of olympiads and warn everyone in advance – participants, organizers, jury.Finally, a new minister will be appointed soon to head the Ministry of Education and Science. I do not think that the issue of olympiads will be the first priority for him, but we see that there is nowhere to delay this issue. Therefore, I ask for the support of public opinion in the belief that it is necessary to make decisions here, of course, that if my opinion is right. Currently, only a new minister can and should make this important and principled decision.If I am wrong, and you think that the health of children here is much more important than olympiads, then you just need to think about whether to let them go to the EIT, transport, shops and parks. And in general, is it worth giving them to schools and universities in September…

Glory to Ukraine!!!

Glory to the heroes!!!


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