About All-Ukrainian Summer Mathematical School at UFML "Mathematical Olympus"

About All-Ukrainian Summer Mathematical School at UFML "Mathematical Olympus"

1. On the situation in the country

2. About All-Ukrainian Summer Schoo

3. Survey about All-Ukrainian Summer School

On the situation in the country

The easing of restrictive measures is now underway, because people need to work to live and survive. Obviously, outbreaks of the disease are still possible in certain places, but it is likely that the people will not withstand or support all-Ukrainian restrictive measures. Their effectiveness, obviously, should be based on their adheredness, and therefore on the understanding of the community of their importance and necessity. Therefore, in the future, I am sure that all strengthening measures, as well as reductions, will be put to the local authorities, which looks optimal for now. Thus, we expect the resumption of urban transport (for Kyiv, the main thing is the work of the subway in the usual mode without restrictions in the sense of the presence of a pass), as well as full-distance communication – railway and bus service. That is, in most sectors of our life – trade, industry, agriculture, etc. – we will return to more or less familiar "re-quarantine" norms.Unfortunately, with education everything is wrong, the return to the usual work of universities, schools, kindergartens, summer camps, etc. is still very, very far away. It is very easy to understand all this, children are our future and their accumulation in places of study contradicts all current ideas about safety. With a certain outbreak of the disease at some school or university, everyone will start looking for the perpetrators and take tougher measures compared to a similar outbreak somewhere in the workplace. This is all clear, although I'm not sure that's absolutely correct.

By September, it is now decided to study and complete the academic year remotely. For this to be a site of other topics, I would talk about the experience of adopting written and oral modules remotely, when some of the students I knew as lost tees (or even worse) showed great results in their answers. Some of the answers were much deeper than the program needed to know… I repeat that now is not about this, but at least gives an understanding of why I do not agree to conduct official Olympiads remotely (when participants sit at home).When exactly the decision of the MoD will be made on further training of the next academic year is still difficult to predict, because we have not yet assessed the consequences of quarantine exit. The most anticipated is the permission of schools and institutions to independently choose these forms of education, as well as to be fully responsible for this choice. The only thing that should definitely be carried out on a whole by a large number of participating children is the EIT. It will also provide certain facts regarding the prospects for further education. I have already written about olympiads above. As long as there are no decisions about them, we will not touch on this painful topic. 

About All-Ukrainian Summer School

For 5 consecutive years from August 15 to August 28, the traditional All-Ukrainian Summer Mathematical School "Mathematical Olympus" was held on the basis of the UFML. This summer, like all other educational events, its conduct is under threat. Our lecturers, of course, are conscientiously preparing for its implementation, and this preparation began in February, that is, long before the quarantine. But now the situation with its conduct is completely unclear. At least, the management of the UFML does not yet know about the conditions of study, and therefore even provide for the possibility of holding a summer school on the basis of the UFML is not yet on time.But before evaluating and predicting anything about the conditions and the possibility of its conduct, we would like to conduct a survey of potential participants whether it should be conducted at all, that is, whether there will be a demand for its conduct this year. We understand that the participants themselves will also make final decisions regarding possible participation in VLMSH.Like most VLMSH events, it is possible to alternatively, namely remotely, of course, that we are ready for this form of conduct, understanding how less effective it is for the live communication of participants with each other and with lecturers. In addition, it is possible to shift the terms of VLMSH 2 weeks earlier, that is, from August 1 to August 15, so that everyone can undergo a two-week quarantine, if such requirements are in force at that time.

In addition, we are pleased to hear about your proposals for holding VLMSH in the current situation. 

Survey about All-Ukrainian Summer School

On the survey page you will see many items that are just important to us. But these are fundamental, so a few details here about it.

1. You will accept in VLMSH under any conditions – eye or remotely.

2. You will take part in VLMSH only if it takes place on an eye-to-eye.

3. You will take part in VLMSH only if it is held remotely.

It is clear that you will make all decisions depending on the situation in the country as of July-August, but your preliminary considerations are also important to us.

Well, more – will your decision affect the possible transfer of VLMSH for 2 weeks?

The poll will continue from now until June 15, after which we will make a final decision. It is clear that it can be influenced in some way by the situation in the country, the conditions and consequences of conducting EIT, admission campaign to higher, etc. Then we will again share our thoughts and conclusions with you.


Glory to Ukraine!!!

Glory to the heroes!!!


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