About EGMO-2020

About EGMO-2020

That's the end of the week of virtual EGMO 2020. As we have previously reported, from April 15 to April 21, the Ukrainian team would have to compete in the Dutch town of Egmond an See. However, for all known reasons, the Olympiad was transferred to the online format.

55ebc562-9c70-4af4-9d3c-9dc261e6f31f About EGMO-2020  Preparations for EGMO 2020 began in advance, committees on various issues were formed a year before the Olympiad itself. And so when the organizers made the difficult decision to cancel the EGMO in Egmond an See, they were upset no less than those who were waiting for a trip to Holland. Only two weeks they had to adapt the program to the online format, moreover, in quarantine.In our opinion, the organizers coped as best as possible, because they (as far as possible) were able to bypass the most important disadvantage of online Olympiads – the lack of live communication. Social networks, the application and the EGMO forum came to the rescue. Every day, the girls were offered a variety of contests, games that encouraged their acquaintance with other participants: online puzzles, creating pictures from Rubik's Cubes, Bingo, creating a joint radio, juggling lessons, etc., but the girls did not need to be asked twice – they were happy to get acquainted with each other and organized video meetings with each other using Zoom.Me8960804-a1d5-4d8d-a7f4-c49a0c87ea1c About EGMO-2020  or02bc37a4-1b20-40a7-bf2f-32ea645e1523 About EGMO-2020  e information about everything that happened this week can be found on the EGMO news website: You can also watch the opening and closing ceremonies.

The leaders and coordinators also had a forum where they could discuss the tasks and evaluation criteria. The coordinators answered all questions very quickly and helped the leaders determine the correct assessment of the participant's work if it did not fit the criteria, thus ensuring a fair assessment.

Among the coordinators were former EGMO participants from Ukraine: Olga Shevchenko and Anastasia Kucherenko. We are very glad that our girls are invited to the team of coordinators of other countries!

We present the tasks of the first and second rounds. It is also worth noting that among the tasks there is one proposed from Ukraine. Congratulations to the author Anton Trigub on this achievement!

This year Ukraine was represented by the youngest team in all years:

  1. Yelizaveta Pea (Grade 9, Kyiv, PNL No. 145)
  2. Roksolana Ivanchuk (9th grade, Kyiv, Lyceum "Scientific Change")
  3. Yana Kolodach (10th grade, Kyiv, Lyceum "Leader")
  4. Yulia Tatarinova (Grade 9, Kharkiv, KhFML No27)

This year, the Ukrainian team "returns" with three silver medals and an honorary award. A total of 204 participants (153 official) from 53 (39 European) countries took part in the virtual EGMO. We present the results of our girls:

4331UKR1YelyzavetaHorokh70724020Silver Medal
11383UKR2RoksolanaIvanchuk70111010Honourable Mention
3827UKR3Yana Kolodach71716022Silver Medal
5740UKR4Yuliia Tatarinova60174018Silver Medal


11Russian Federation (RUS)4282227212821283100
22Serbia (SRB)4281520262811183100
33Romania (ROU)428919182861082110
4United States of America (USA)425178232841051300
54United Kingdom (UNK)41791323281911210
6Mexico (MEX)42231122282881210
75Belarus (BLR)42831123191851201
75Poland (POL)42371613251851120
97Bulgaria (BGR)41811814281800220
97Georgia (GEO)41871023211801120
119Kazakhstan (KAZ)42511311280781210
12Australia (AUS)4225918201751110
1210Hungary (HUN)4229713222751120
14Peru (PER)41721212237731120
15Brazil (BRA)4254423141710220
1611Ukraine (UKR)42711611150700301

Full results can be found here.

The eleventh official team place may not be impressive compared to our last year's achievements, but the girls still have many Olympiads ahead, and participation in EGMO is an important experience and motivation for them for the future.

Congratulations to the girls on their achievements! We also thank the teachers who prepared them, relatives who helped with the tours, and everyone who supported and supported them!




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