Ukraine at EGMO – 2020

Ukraine at EGMO – 2020

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  2. Our members
  3. Terms and Solutions


This year, the all-European Mathematics Olympiad for Girls EGMO was to take place on the North Sea coast in the town of Egmondaanzee (Netherlands)….

egmond_aan_zee_-_lighthouse-300x225 Ukraine at EGMO – 2020

But for known reasons, all participants and managers of all teams, as well as the organizers themselves, remained in their homes. Already in mid-March, the organizers reported possible problems of holding. They had several options: to hold competitions as planned, to postpone it for summer/autumn, cancel it altogether, to hold in a few years (for example, in 2022), to hold competitions online, etc.

After reflection and discussions, it was decided to conduct EGMO-2020 in an online format.

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The competition will take place from April 15 to April 21. Today, an online opening was held, and two EGMO tours will take place during April 16-18. In each country, local organizers will choose the start time and format themselves. In Ukraine, tours for our participants will take place on April 16 and 17 in the morning kyiv time. Each round participants will be offered 3 tasks for 4.5 hours, which they will solve at home on their own. A set of tasks was formed by the organizers in an atmosphere of strict secrecy!

Our members

In general, special rules for this year's EGMO were adopted for the competition online. In particular, they stipulate that there will be no coordination and jury meetings. The work will only be checked by team leaders (according to pre-submitted assessment schemes) and these results will be entered as official.Let me remind you that according to the results of the autumn qualifying rounds, Lisa Golokh, Roksolana Ivanchuk, Yana Kolodach and Yulia Tatarinova joined the Ukrainian national team.

team-185x300 Ukraine at EGMO – 2020

Participants diligently prepared for EGMO throughout the year and all (and especially !!!) wanted to visit the April seaside.

egmo20-300x168 Ukraine at EGMO – 2020

Unfortunately, the global pandemic has slightly changed our plans. But despite the fact that the competition has been transferred to the online format, everyone enjoys spending time at home, the participants are preparing for online tours, and the leaders are ready for verification, we all do not lose hope and somewhere mentally dream that "next time" we will still get there, because "on the unbearable and razgovorov something about the sea …"

egmond-aan-zee-300x200 Ukraine at EGMO – 2020

Terms and Solutions

Usually, the tasks at the EGMO are very balanced and interesting, they are the closest in level to the level of IMO (simpler, of course, but quality, beauty, etc. in the spirit of IMO), because odious figures are not involved in their arrangement. Therefore, the heads of the Ukrainian team offer those interested not to look for conditions on the Internet, but to write these tours on their own. To do this, we suggest writing these tours on Monday April 20 and Tuesday April 21 from 10:00 to 14:30. Tasks will be published on our website. Upon completion, the solution will be made public.


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