About the charitable contribution

About the charitable contribution

In general, olympiads were interested in many more young mathematicians compared to the expected, and therefore I would like to adequately respond to this. Because with a small number of people willing, it did not make sense to do.

I have such a question for the participants of our online Olympiads and their parents. How do you rate to collect a certain reward for our jury? I will give the efforts that are spent by the organizers and the jury of the Olympiad.

  1. Selection of tasks.
  2. Reading the correctness of these tasks, curiosity, compliance with programs.
  3. Set of tasks in the editor, preparation of conditions and texts.
  4. Organization of tasks, acceptance of solutions.
  5. Check tasks.

I would ask each participant to consult with their parents and ask if this work is worth it, which is done purely for you (because we have no benefit from it) a certain reward. I think that all this is supported morally, but financially now is not simple times in the world, so perhaps not everyone can do it now. But under any conditions, you can say thank you to the jury for his work and make a charitable contribution to the Athena Charitable Foundation, where it is quite convenient to do without leaving home. If you expect my advice on the amount, it depends on your capabilities. Amounts from 100 to 200 UAH (for all 4 Olympiads) will be enough. But no matter how you do – transfer a much larger amount, or say nothing – this will change anything in the sense of holding these Olympiads, as well as in the sense of publishing contributions. We will publish only upon completion of all olympiads the total amount collected, purely for the report. Without specifying a single surname, especially so that only the Accountant of the Fund will see the surnames. All details of the Fund are available on the website. I emphasize once again that there will be no restrictions on timely registered participants.


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