Execution of olympiad solutions

Execution of olympiad solutions

attention! Tasks of grades 10 and 11 were updated due to clarification of the condition.

You can ask questions about tasks in the comments for this post.

Refinement to tasks 10.3 and 11.3: a – arbitrary parity, b – odd.

If you have a Google account, it would be great if the solutions were sent using this Google form:

If this is not possible, then we are waiting for a solution by e-mail: .
The subject of the letter is listed on the example "Olympics. Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov. 4 class (specify your class)".

Requirements for the execution of solutions:

Each solution paper must be signed (last name and first name) and each task is recorded on a separate sheet or group of letters. Solutions must be sent in one PDF file (you can convert photos to pdf, for example, on the website

Also, the PDF file should be signed by example: Ivan Ivanov. 4 class (specify your class)


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