On-line Olympiads. project

On-line Olympiads. project

  1. About our expectations
  2. About the idea of online Olympiads
  3. Survey about the event
  4. disclaimer

About our expectations

Based on the situation in the country and the world, it is still difficult to predict the end of quarantine. Maybe it will be April 3, then we calmly have time to hold all our events within the specified period. It may continue until Easter, then our events are complicated, but with the goodwill of all stakeholders – participants, teachers and compilers and organizers – we will be able to conduct everything, possibly with some oppression. For example, opening and closing can be precisely limited in a certain way so as not to affect the meaningful part of the activities. If the quarantine continues even longer, then we will simply wait for its completion. But it is quite difficult to believe that everyone will stay at home at Easter. Only a significant deterioration in the situation can leave people at home. But let's hope that the measures taken will have its effect and events will not unfold in the worst case scenario.

About the idea of online Olympiads

All students will not go to school for at least 2-3 weeks. This caused a certain pause in our events. But the only opportunity to conduct them is online Olympiads. We propose to hold such 4 Olympiads, 2 each week. And it will be a little already forgotten "thematic Olympiads" – olympiad in algebra, number theory, geometry and combinatorics. Event days are Tuesday and Friday, from 10:00 to 14:00. In the future, we need to organize the inspection of works. It is clear that some of the participants of the Olympiad can use them simply for training and they may not be interested in the overall result. For the rest, it is natural to want to compete with other participants. Therefore, it is desirable that the works be checked by a joint jury according to the same criteria. Therefore, we are now developing organizational issues on how to do all this in a convenient way.

Survey about the event

But first, we want to conduct a survey of potential participants of the Olympiad regarding our ideas, so we propose to answer such questions.


I would not like the competition, especially in junior classes, to turn into a competition of parents. I understand that some of you are now sitting at home in quarantine and you really want to defeat other parents, but this event is not for you, but for your children. The experience of holding various events shows that most parents are absolutely adequate and fair, and for them it is more important not to win at any cost, but to really assess the level of training of their child. But there were also parents pushing their children in the corridors of clues and solutions, even despite the presence of other children and parents.







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