About spring mathematical events in Ukraine. New Version

About spring mathematical events in Ukraine. New Version

  1. General considerations
  2. 4th stage of all-Ukrainian Olympiad
  3. On the meeting of participants of international events
  4. About Belarusian Olympiad, EGMO and Amboy
  5. About the 3rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of 5-7 grades
  6. About IMO-2020

General considerations

Our plans were as always "cosmic", but there was a completely different situation. For the first time in modern life, humanity is struggling with such a threat to overcome the disease with the least losses and the fastest pace, and therefore the measures are so radical. The world of sports, art, entertainment, etc. suffers insane losses and everyone will look for a way out, but all this is postponed to "after the end of the pandemic…". So we, it is impossible to put the lives of participants of our events under any threat, so we say everything after the quarantine…

All I am writing next is everything as of now, when quarantine is announced until April 3, 2020. If it continues, then all written does not lose its content, but only the terms will change, of course, as with the possible cancellation of a certain event.

4th stage of all-Ukrainian Olympiad

The Olympiad is scheduled in Mykolaiv from April 6 to April 10, 2020. All preliminary agreements remain in force, the composition of the jury, the organizing committee, the program for jury members, etc. – everything that is published here on the site. When we know exactly about the end of quarantine for educational institutions, we will process all these documents.

The composition of the Kyiv team may in some way be influenced by the planned schedule of the Olympiads of the IV stage, which were left exactly 9. But now, for example, mathematics takes place simultaneously with Ukrainian, geography, physics and ecology. I do not think that one of our participants will choose not mathematics, but a small probability of this exists.

We also add that even a small illness can affect the composition of the team, because now it is definitely no longer necessary to carry the disease on the legs, both adults and children. I hope that such a fate will overone us.

On the meeting of participants of international events

These meetings were planned as usual on the basis of the IPO of the KNU. Shevchenko. But the group was to be formed on the results of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics. Therefore, we will talk about these meetings and the composition of the participants at the end of the IV stage. But the topic of the meeting is a little sagging, because our Cambridge students , Arseniy Nikolaev and Mykhailo Bondarenko, were planned as lecturers for this period. Now we will think about it.

About Belarusian Olympiad, EGMO and Amboy

I think that participation in the Belarusian Olympiad becomes impossible. Firstly, it is not known whether the travel permit will be granted, and secondly, it is not known whether these flights will be canceled, and most importantly, upon completion, whether the participants and heads of our delegation will fall into quarantine in Ukraine, which will not allow us to participate in our All-Ukrainian Olympiad. Finally, team leaders will make a decision in 2-3 days.

With the EGMO, the situation is somewhat different. The organizers of this Olympiad understand that it will be impossible to hold it within the specified period. Therefore, they are now consulting with the leaders of the participating countries (and with us in that case), about possible ways out of the situation. Here are their suggestions:

  • Cancel the EGMO this year.
  • To conduct a "virtual EGMO", that is, the participating countries will send out papers with conditions and labeling schemes, but there will be no virtual coordination, so there will be no official results.
  • Postpone the EGMO-2020 to September 2020.
  • Postpone the EGMO in the Netherlands for 2022, because in 2021 this event is planned in Georgia.

We would like the event to be held in September, but now we will wait for the decision of the organizers.

The Naboi Olympics will be held as soon as it is declared. I hope that the organizers will give a certain period in order to have time to carry out a new registration of participating teams.

About the 3rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of 5-7 grades

It is planned in Kyiv from April 30 (the day of arrival and opening) until May 3 (appeal, closure and day of departure) on the basis of the IPO of the Kyiv National University. Shevchenko. So far, in terms of timing, we do not plan to change anything.

About IMO-2020

The organizers of the IMO in St. Petersburg are doing everything possible to hold this Olympiad as planned in the usual format. I will not directly say our attitude to this, it is well known. If this becomes possible, now in parallel, the organizers of IMO-2020 are trying to find a means of its conduct, provided that participants of some countries (or even all) can remain in their countries. I think that we will not declare our attitude to this option.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, with any signs of illness, stay at home. More Olympiads are enough for your age, you still have time, even if some of the proclaimed Olympiads do not take place…




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