Ukraine team's best performance at RMM 2020

Ukraine team's best performance at RMM 2020

From February 26 to March 2, the 12th Romanian Masters of Mathematics 2020 International Olympiad took place in Bucharest (Romania). For the fifth time, the Ukrainian team has received an invitation to this prestigious competition, focused on countries showing the best results at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

This year, 107 participants from 19 teams from all over the world competed for the victory. Among them are 12 schoolchildren of the Ukrainian team:

  1. Yudin Fedor (m. Kyiv, 11th grade, Lyceum No 208)
  2. Aleksey Masalitin (m. Kyiv, Grade 11, Novopecherska School)
  3. Zolotariov Klimentiy (m. Kharkiv, Grade 10, KhFML No 27)
  4. Hasin Marko (Kyiv, 11th grade, Rusanivskyi Lyceum)
  5. Romanus Yaroslav (m. Lviv, Grade 11, LFML)
  6. Pylyayev Igor (m. Kharkiv, Grade 9, KhFML No 27)
  7. Ilya Lazurenko (m. Kharkiv, Grade 11, KhFML No27)
  8. Yuriy Gladkov (m. Kharkiv, Grade 11, KhFML No 27)
  9. Sachniuk Ustin (m. Kharkiv, Grade 11, KhFML No 27)
  10. Mytsyk Seriy (m. Kyiv, Grade 11, UFML)
  11. Mykhailo Shandenko (m. Kyiv, 11 class, Lyceum "Leader")
  12. Dmytro Rudenko (m. Kyiv, 11 class, Lyceum "Leader")

The team leaders were Dashkov Oleksandr, Fedyniak Volodymyr and Kateryna Pea – RMM participants of previous years. On the first day of the Olympiad, team leaders got acquainted with the conditions, adopted the texts of the competition and translated them into Ukrainian. At this time, the participants attended an interesting lecture on equivalent multifaceted, Invariant Dan, the paradox of Bana-Tarsky and a healthy sleep.image_2020-03-03_22-41-54 Ukraine team's best performance at RMM 2020

In the afternoon there was a grand opening.

image_2020-03-03_22-42-40 Ukraine team's best performance at RMM 2020

The next two days were the days of the competition, and after the tours the team walked around the city and communicated with other participants. Each round consisted of three tasks, the solution of which was given four and a half hours. Each task was rated from 0 to 7 points. The tasks of this year can be found below:

First day

Second day

During the first round, the leaders discussed the criteria for evaluating the work, and then checked the solution of the participants. The next day, coordination began – coordination of points with the coordinators of the Olympiad.

In general, the Ukrainian team received the following results:

Yudin FedorUKR 173077327Silver Medal
Aleksey MasalitinUKR 277070223Bronze Medal
Zolotariov KlimentiyUKR 377073327Silver Medal
Hasin MarcoUKR 477077331Gold Medal
Romanus YaroslavUKR 575070120Bronze Medal
Pylyayev IgorUKR 677070324Silver Medal
Ilya LazurenkoUKR 707070115Honorable Mention
Yuriy GladkovUKR 867770330Gold Medal
Sachniuk UstinUKR 970070014Honorable Mention
Mytsyk SerhiiUKR 1077070324Silver Medal
Mykhailo ShandenkoUKR 1177073024Silver Medal
Dmytro RudenkoUKR 1273070017Honorable Mention

image_2020-03-03_22-44-59 Ukraine team's best performance at RMM 2020 image_2020-03-03_22-46-47-e1583270386141 Ukraine team's best performance at RMM 2020

dsc_1151 Ukraine team's best performance at RMM 2020 dsc_1172 Ukraine team's best performance at RMM 2020 In addition, Ukraine became the second in the team standings for the first time. It should be clarified that the result in the team standings consists of the sum of the three best results among the four participants whom the team leaders chose before the competition. Since our team was formed according to the results of the selections for the IMO, which took place in the fall, we chose exactly those four participants who showed the best result then.

image_2020-03-03_22-47-31 Ukraine team's best performance at RMM 2020

Active communication with other teams and their managers, with organizers, experience in protecting the work of participants who acquire team leaders at this level at this level is no less important part of the overall team experience than the ability to solve problems by participants.

Once again, we sincerely thank our benefactors, as well as all concerned citizens who supported our team. Thanks to such solid support (as well as good preparation), high results of our participants became possible.

image_2020-03-03_22-47-58 Ukraine team's best performance at RMM 2020 image_2020-03-03_22-48-16 Ukraine team's best performance at RMM 2020


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