About jury IV stage of All-Ukrainian Olympiad

About jury IV stage of All-Ukrainian Olympiad

This post is devoted mostly to the jury of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad.

  1. Jury division by class
  2. Settlements of jury members

Jury division by class

The above list of our jury, and here is a preliminary jury division by class. It is desirable that everyone will get acquainted with it and come to our first meeting with the consent to this division in relation to themselves, or to say why it needs to be changed. The desired changes can be warned in advance.

Settlements of jury members

In recent years, since the jury mostly arrives at the Olympiad with business trips, we try to settle in hotels so that the living conditions for everyone are favorable for work and leisure. This element of communication with each other for jury members, who are often seen exactly once a year, is just as important.

Therefore, the organizers previously offered us the hotel "Caravella" in Nikolayov.All jury members need the following answer – whether you will be exactly at this Olympiad (if not the entire period from March 16 to March 20, then specify for how long) and whether you will settle in the proposed hotel. The previous cost for a double room is 650 UAH (for two people, not from each), but it is desirable to clarify.

All information should be transferred to the secretary of our jury – Iryna Zhuk at the number 0502754329 or by e-mail




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