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On February 12, 2020, at 14:10, the Open Olympiad of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics will be held in the classroom No. 41 of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics.

Everyone is invited*.Organizing Committee of the Olympiad

* "Since 2004 it has become a tradition to invite to test your strength and the strongest students of leading mathematical schools in Kyiv. During this time, the winners of the Olympiad repeatedly became representatives of the Ukrainian Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, Lyceum No. 171 "Leader", Lyceum "Scientific Change", Lyceum No. 208 and Rusanivsky Lyceum. of Kyiv city." (from the introduction to the problem )

We are always glad to see strong high school students at the Open Olympiad who are ready (at their own risk) to compete with students of 1-2 courses. As experience shows, this is quite real. 


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