Final results of the VI city olympiad in mathematics for students of 4 – 6 grades

Final results of the VI city olympiad in mathematics for students of 4 – 6 grades

1. Results after appeal
2. Information for prize-winners
3. Olympiads in the regions

Results after appeal

As I planned to say at an unprecedented meeting with parents, there are from 60 to 70 winners for each parallel. And it is absolutely not significant how many points these winners scored – very much or very little, they are still better than others.

Further requests for review of works are no longer accepted.

Information for prize-winners

The above results show the distribution of diplomas for each class. For parents of prize-winners such information – send to
photo of a child-participant of the Olympiad, which you would like to see in the diploma. In the absence of a photo of a child, the diploma will be without a photo.

Children should be careful not to miss the second round of the Olympiad if you have the desire and opportunity to participate in it. Diplomas to the winners of the first stage, as well as prizes from the parent committee will be awarded during the second round of the Olympiad.

The second round of the Olympiad will be held in the format of an "oral Olympiad", with the rules of which you can get acquainted in advance in order to properly adjust the child to this rather unusual format of the Olympiad. As a result of this format, we cannot allow any additional child to participate, which "either did not accidentally become the winner of the first stage", or "was ill during the first round", or was absent for other valid reasons, etc. All tasks will be published on the site and you will be able to give them to your child at a convenient time to check it on these tasks.

Olympiads in the regions and All-Ukrainian Olympiad for 5-7 grades

As for this Olympiad, in parallel with Kyiv, according to the common texts, the Olympiad was held in 4 regions. It's very, very small. I was hoping for the jury members of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad that they would join the event in their regions. At least when it comes time to determine the future participants of the 3rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for grades 5-7 in the regions, I do not know how it will be done. It is great if some hand-organized Olympiad in the region will be held. We simply offer assistance with the selection of tasks during the Olympiad simultaneously with Kyiv on March 1, 2020.

For Kyiv residents, I would like to remind you that the participants of the Olympiad in grades 5 and 6 will be the participant who will score the most points according to the results of two rounds (the amount of points in both rounds). The participant from the 7th lace will be determined by the results of the 3rd stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in The Bridge of Kyiv.



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