Results of VIII city Olympiad in mathematics for students of 4 – 6 grades

Results of VIII city Olympiad in mathematics for students of 4 – 6 grades

  1. Results and criteria
  2. Assistance to parents, students and schoolchildren
  3. Winners and second stage of the Olympiad

Results, criteria and form of appeal

According to the protocols, 113 students of 4th grade, 249 students of the class and 216 students of 6th grade took part in the Olympiad. It's less than we expected, but it's good, because everything went quietly and without excesses.

Below (or higher, who has what orientation) are the preliminary results of the Olympiad, criteria for assessing tasks and conditions with solutions. To view the test results according to the following criteria. Dear parents, you should talk to children, carefully read the solution of problems and criteria for their assessment. If you really think that your child's work is rated wrong, that is, not in accordance with the above criteria, then write about it in the comments to this post. You must specify the surname and name of the child, class, and tasks that you think are not correct. If you make a formal (without careful clarification with the child of its solutions) – as if you need to review all the tasks, then we check the first of them, if it is evaluated correctly, then we do not look further. We give exactly a week for such a review, that is, until Sunday December 22, 2019, after this period all comments with a request to review the work will no longer be considered.


Terms and Solutions'

Criteria 4 class

Criteria 5 class

Criteria 6 class

Assistance to parents, students and schoolchildren

This year, more than ever, a very representative jury gathered. The great merit is that schoolchildren and teachers who have volunteered to help us with the inspection of works. Therefore, the work was checked very quickly, and the quality – we will see later, usually the student jury is the most attentive and thorough.

Thanks to our students-organizers of the Olympiad – Katya, Aryni, Polina and Julia – we managed to collect a sufficient number of assistants who followed the order in the classrooms. The help of parents became very useful here. Even the last few people who wanted to help, we did not use, because all the audiences already had caretakers. I am very grateful to everyone for this.

As for the meeting with parents, which did not take place this time, it seems that it is for the better. Let me remind you that last year, when more than 30 parents volunteered to help us, in the morning there were just over 10. To all my requests to help with this, for the most part, my parents replied: "We cannot, because at 11 we have an important meeting with the organizers of the Olympiad!", as you can see this time there was no such smear and the meeting was not planned in advance. Moreover, there was no wish from parents to hold it. Thus, it will also become a good tradition of this Olympiad. Let me remind you that since last year, a good tradition has become for the action to check the leading school mathematicians of 9-11 grades.

As for charitable contributions from parents, they were collected enough for now the parent committee to take up gifts to the winners.

Winners and second stage of the Olympiad

According to the results of the first (today's) stage of the Olympiad, winners will be determined, that is, students who will be awarded diplomas of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees. In each parallel, their number will be approximately from 60 to 70. For these winners of the 1st round, the second stage will be held, based on plans and calendar, it is likely that it will take place on Sunday, March 1, 2020. But it's still preliminary.




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