Final results of the XVI Kiev tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rublev

Final results of the XVI Kiev tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rublev

  1. Very, very good news
  2. Results in the leagues of the XVI Kiev tournament of mathematical battles
  3. 2 tour conditions and solution
  4. Agenda of the second battle
  5. About Kyiv City Olympiad

Very, very good news


On the state awards of Ukraine on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the confirmation by the All-Ukrainian referendum of the Act of Independence of Ukraine on December 1, 1991

For significant personal contribution to the state construction, socio-economic, scientific and technical, cultural and educational development of the Ukrainian state, significant labor achievements, many years of conscientious work I decree:

Assign honorary titles:


ANICUSINA Andriy – Teacher of the Ukrainian Physics and Mathematics Lyceum of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

GOLDSTEIN Igor Borisovich – teacher of the Lyceum "Scientific Change", Kyiv

SHAMOVYCH Oleksandr Anatoliiovych – Teacher of Rusanivskyi Lyceum in Kyiv

We sincerely congratulate our dear colleagues and wish them great achievements to their students and inspiration in their work!!!

Results in leagues of XVI Kiev

Tournament of Mathematical Battles

Youngest Leagu

Group A

1st place. National Team-3 (Forsharvor)

2nd place. Leader-2 (Leader-6.1)

3rd place. Leader-3 (Robbers)

4th place. Gymnasium No 178

Group B

1st place. Leader-1 (Zucchini)

2nd place. 2010–12 Ukrainian Cup

3rd place. Technical–3 (eye)

Group V

1st place. National Team-2 (Robbers)

2nd place. RL–1

3rd place. Lyceum No 208

4th place. Lyceum 142–1 (alpha)

Group D

1st place. 2010–12 Ukrainian Cup

2nd place. Technical–1 (cat)

3rd place. Lyceum 142–2 (formula)

4th place. Polytechnic

Junior League

Group A

1st place. Leader – 2 (Beta)

2nd place. PNL No 145–1 (Ant.)

3rd place. technical

4th place. Lyceum No 208

Group B

1st place. UFML – 1

2nd place. Leader – 1 (Alpha)

3rd place. PNL No. 145–4 (Spor.)

4th place. PNL No. 145–3 (Ryab.)

Group V

1st place. Gymnasium No 178-1

2nd place. Leader – 3 (Gamma)

3rd place. Lyceum No 100 Podil

4th place. NZ – 1

Middle League

Group A

1st place. Leader – 1

2nd place. 2011–12 FIS World Cup – World Cup 1

3rd place. PNL No 145 (plague)

4th place. NZ, Phoenix

Group B

1st place. PNL No. 145 (pris.)

2nd place. UFML

3rd place. Basis

4th place. Leader – 2

Major League Baseball

Group A

1st place. leader

2nd place. RL – 1 (Poseidno)

3rd place. UFML – 1

4th place. Lyceum No 208

Group B

1st place. Gymnasium No 178-3

2nd place. NZ – 2 (pun)

3rd place. RL – 2 (Gurwich)

4th place. National team (PLbazis145)

Group V

1st place. UFML – 2

2nd place. Gymnasium No 178-1

3rd place. PNL No 145

And again the organizing of the final battle

There were no as many as 2 teams. It's a horrible situation. The most unfortunate thing is that these teams did not warn anyone about not appearing. We learned about everything already during the fighting and had to find out why there are no children. Maybe they left home and did not get to the competition, then it would be necessary to sound the alarm and look for them in the expanses of Kyiv or even the whole Ukraine. By the way, several teams from Kyiv are now competing in battles in Kharkiv, but there were no appearances from these educational institutions. Thank you very much for such respect for our events. Usually, math classes are filled with children who are happy to participate in such events, and therefore, if desired, a replacement can always be found.

If the issue of non-appearance of the Technical Lyceum team to fight with the Technical Lyceum is no longer a question of inappropriate behavior, which we will mention next year when registering teams for our events. The question of the team's non-appearance from Vinnitsa has a double adversity. Firstly, at one time it got to the fight by the draw, that is, the other team (from Kyiv, by the way) remained this competition, and secondly, we have no influence on teams from other regions. In addition to the fact that more teams from Vinnitsa will not be invited or even simply will not be allowed to the Kiev competitions.

It was also unfortunate to see a violation of our regulations/arrangements by some teams. In some teams, for various reasons, there were fewer than 5 participants, and in one team there were even violations in the other direction.

Thank you very much to our members of the jury, which today was quite enough. And the jury, as always, did a great job! We are waiting for our jury at the Kyiv Olympiad for 4-6 classes, which will be held in 2 weeks. We also look forward to seeing in this jury the best students of 9-11 grades of the leading mathematical lyceums of our city. It will be very interesting for them, and we will have good help.

About Kyiv City Olympiad

I hope that our Olympiad as always will be open, that is, registration will open on the site soon. But please first wait for an application from the area to make sure you are not there. From the experience of last year, it is desirable for everyone to make sure that you are there, so that there are no annoying as last year. Because the one whom some parents called a "fascist" and promised to come across the press, firstly, has not changed and again at the head of the jury, and, secondly, we are always happy to see the press at our events. But those parents only in words were so brave… and we were left without the attention of the press.

I also ask rayons to speed up the submission of teams from rayons to the city Olympiad.

Also, at the first jury meeting, we plan to accept 2 clarifications to the rules for the selection to the team of Kyiv for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad.


  1. On the absence of an automatic place in the Kyiv team for students who did not perform last year as part of the Kyiv team or the UFML, despite their achievements (even the IMO Medal).


  1. Deprivation of an automatic place in the team of the participant, who on two or more rounds of selection for the IV stage will have zero results for the tour.





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