IMO and Junior groups

IMO and Junior groups

A sign with the results of the participants after 2 rounds, which they wrote according to the common texts, is given. We thank Arseniy Nikolaev that he has prepared a sufficiently diagnostic text in terms of breeding participants in groups. Now about the distribution.

Students of the 11th grade automatically, despite the result shown, continue to work in the IMO group.

Students who have scored at least 35 points (5 complete tasks) continue to compete in the IMO group. At the same time, if students of 9-10 grades do not fall into the top 12, they automatically fall into the Junior group. There are 9 participants. Taking into account the fact that 4-7 of them will definitely fall into the IMO group, there are still a sufficient number of seats in the Junior group.

Students who scored less than 28 points (4 complete tasks) continue to compete in the Junior group.

There are 11 students in grades 9-10 who scored from 28 to 34 points. You have time to think and decide in which group you want to compete in the future – by IMO texts or by Junior texts. Upon completion of the selection, the jury will decide on the formation of IMO and Junior groups, taking into account your choice. It is obvious that a bad result in the IMO group will not be rated better than a good result in the Junior group. In this group of 11 participants almost all students of the 10th grade, so you decide with whom to compete in the last two rounds.

SelectionMMO2019_1_2_rounds_result (2)



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