Lists of participants of the selection for the IMO and Olympiad for Kyiv residents on October 14

Lists of participants of the selection for the IMO and Olympiad for Kyiv residents on October 14

  1. Changing audiences during Zanzibar 4-6
  2. IMO Selection Agenda
  3. Olympiad for Kiev in the selection to Kiev groups

Participants of selection for IMO

Compared to the predecessor list here there are some clarifications. The lists are crossed out by those who refused to participate after contacting the given contact number, or the contact number is not responding.





1.Baclan AliceKievleader11IV
2.Bohdan VasinKievUFML KNU11IV
3.Yuriy GladkovKharkivHFML No 2711IV
4.Olga ZhurKievleader11IV
5.Bogdan LavrovZaporozhyegymnasium No2811IV
6.Ilya LazurenkoKharkivHFML 2711IV
7.Aleksey MasalitinKievNovopecherska11IV
8.Serhiy MytsykKievUFML KNU11IV
9.Mikhail NoskovDonetsk11IV
10.Alexander Popov (ice)AmountClassical gymnasium11IV
11.Yaroslav RomanusLvivLFML11IV
12.Dmitry RudenkoKievleader11IV
13.Volodymyr SaganDonetskLyman Lyceum11IV
14.Sameliuk TimofeyKievLyceum "Podil"11
15.Ustin SakhniukKharkivHFML No 2711IV
16.Vladislav WednesdayKievMnovsky TL11
17.Gleb SolydukLvivLFML11IV
18.Marko HasinKievRusanivsky11IV
19.Mikhail ShtandenkoKievleader11IV
20.Fyodor YudinKievLyceum No 20811IV
21.Margarita BaklanKievleader10
22.Bryl Kamila SerhiivnaKievLyceum No 20810
23.Volodymyr VylshchakKievRusanivsky10
24.Danylo VolobuyevKievleader10
25.1994 – Did not enterKharkivHFML No 2710IV
26.Danylo GotskivskyLvivLFML10IV
27.Vladimir DidurKievGymnasium 17810IV
28.Artum ZakharenkoKievPolytechnic10
29.Zolotariov Klimentiy DmytrovychKharkivHFML No 2710IV
30.Andrei KovriginKievLyceum No 20810IV
31.Egor KozyrKievPNL No 14510
32.Kolodach Yana HryhorivnaKievleader10IV
33.Kumanetska Iryna ViktorivnaKievPolytechnic10
34.Mikhail ManvelyanKievleader10
35.Naumets Zakhar IhorovychKievleader10IV
36.Andrei RomanovKievPNL No 14510
37.Artem SdobnovKharkivHFML No 2710IV
38.Elina SoskinaKievleader10
39.Ivan SpiridonovDniprop.Kryvyi Rih

gymnasium No 95

40.Artem GurazovskyKharkivHFML No 2710IV
41.Nikita HarinDonetskMariupol TL10IV
42.Khomenko Kateryna YuriivnaKhersonSchool No 3010IV
43.Shvets Anastasiia PavlivnaLvivLFML10IV
44.Ivan ShevchenkoKievLyceum No 20810IV
45.Ilya SkinkoKharkivHFML No 2710IV
46.Shkril Kateryna RomanivnaKievLyceum No 20810
47.Babiy Varvara ZakharovnaKievRusanivsky9
48.Gavrilyuk Anton VadymovychKievScientific change9IV
49.Peas Yelizaveta YevheniivnaKievKPNL No 1459
50.Ivanchuk Roksolana RuslanivnaKievScientific change9IV
51.Anton KaminskyKievKPNL 1459
52.Karcelyuba Uliana OleksandrivnaKievScientific change9
53.Kozorak Denys OleksandrovychKyivskaLyceum No 5 Obukhiv9IV
54.Andrey KravetsKievleader9
55.Oleg NaverUzhhorodUzhhorodska

boarding school

56.Igor NikolaevKievScientific change9
57.Igor PilyayevKharkivHFML No 279IV
58.Samoylenko Marta YuriivnaKievScientific change9
59.Sergei SamchenkoZaporozhyegymnasium No289
60.Tatarinova Yuliia MaksymivnaKharkivHFML No 279IV
61.Alexander DrevitskyKievGymnasium


62.Ilana TylevnaKievScientific change8
63.Cherniy Artem SerhiiovychKievleader8
64.Kadatska Maria PavlivnaKievleader7
65.Alexander SolskyKievScientific change7


Participants of Olympiad for Kiev in selection to Kiev groups

 Last name and first nameschoolclassAud.
1.Ostap Agratinaleader7-939
2.Andriyets Semenleader7-939
3.Arsky NikitaUFML7-939
4.Natalia BaganPNL No1457-939
5.Bardus Denisleader7-939
6.Valesyuk Yehorleader7-939
7.Andrew BearTL NTUU "KPI"7-939
8.Polina Henikleader7-939
9.Cyril GovodinGymnasium 1787-939
10.Gogol Danyloleader7-939
11.Hrynko DmytroUFML7-939
12.Alexander DrevitskySinozer Gymnasium7-939
13.Vladimir Drovnikovleader7-939
14.Leonid DyachenkoGymnasium 1787-939
15.Alexander JourRusanivsky7-939
16.Alexander ZabaryanskyPNL No1457-939
17.Ilya ZarkovGymnasium 1787-939
18.Evgeniy ZvyaginGymnasium 1787-939
19.Nikita Kalenichenkoleader7-939
20.Danylo KarpenkoUFML7-939
21.Kirilyuk Polinaleader7-939
22.Alexander Klindukhleader7-939
23.Andrey Kravetsleader7-939
24.Mikhail LysakovUFML7-939
25.Anastasia LyapunovaUFML7-939
26.Matviychuk Vladislavleader7-939
27.Matviiuk SviatoslavTL NTUU KPI7-939
28.Matuzka Danielleader7-939
29.Maria MikhalovaUFML7-939
30.Ivan Milohodovleader7-939
31.Maria MikhnovskaPNL No1457-943
32.Ivan the Sickleader7-943
33.Stanislav NikolaenkoNt7-943
34.Volodymyr Oleksiiukleader7-943
35.Osokin RodionLyceum No 2087-943
36.Romaniuk Irynaleader7-943
37.Semenenko OleksandrUFML7-943
38.Complainant KirillRusanivsky7-943
39.Rostyslav TaktasovUFML7-943
40.Stepan Tarasenkoleader7-943
41.Tereshchenko DenysLyceum No 2087-943
42.Borys Tregubenkoleader7-943
43.Trofimenko IvannaUFML KNU7-943
44.Chaiko Artemleader7-943
45.Chekal KaterynaLyceum No 2087-943
46.Cherniy Artem Serhiiovychleader7-943
47.Shelestov ArtemTL NTUU "KPI"7-943
48.Kostya Shemchukleader7-943
49.Pavlo ShkuropatskyiUFML7-943
50.Mykhal noblemanUFML7-943
51.Sviatoslav Bidzilaleader10-1143
52.Burdak DmitryRusanivsky10-1143
53.Gavrilyuk DanyloRusanivsky10-1143
54.Kruty MaksymTL NTUU "KPI"10-1143
55.Volodymyr PetrukRusanivsky10-1143
56.Vitaliy Pidburtnyileader10-1143
57.Rostyslav LyapynRusanivsky10-1143
58.Volodymyr TohononyiRusanivsky10-1143
59.Andrey TretyakovUFML10-1143
60.Yurchenko Arthurleader10-1143


Nuances October 14

About MMO Group. I ask Kyiv residents not to be late and arrive somewhere at 9:30, at least no later than 9:45. Those who will live in the IPO, also ask not to linger at breakfast, but rather to arrive at a small meeting. All participants of the selection will work in audience 01. I ask you to leave there cleanliness and order, not to spoil the equipment and furniture of the university. On tour you must have only written devices. All other things will have to be put at the jury table.

About the group of Kiev. You must have a notebook with you in which you will write work and draft, as well as written devices. All other things will have to be put at the jury table. The Olympiad starts at 10:00, so you should all sit on the ground in the designated audience no later than 9:50 to conduct a call to the audience. In the audiences themselves should sit through a row, at a sufficient distance from a friend.

In both groups, you will be disqualified for violating the rules of olympiads. The same applies to behavior when visiting toilets. No third-party communication (with parents, friends, other participants in the selection, etc.) or the use of hidden devices.




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