About Zanzibar 4-6 classes and selection for the IMO of Kiev and not only

About Zanzibar 4-6 classes and selection for the IMO of Kiev and not only

  1. Changing audiences during Zanzibar 4-6
  2. Other questions Zanzibar 4-6
  3. Date of mathematical battles of Kyiv tournament
  4. About selection for the IMO
  5. Format of Kyiv citizens' participation in the selection to Kyiv groups

Changing audiences during Zanzibar 4-6

I remind you that Zanzibar will take place on Teacher's Day! Beginning at 10:00!

Again, repairs intervene in the event. We changed the windows in the part of the classrooms that were intended for the event. Therefore, on Friday, October 4, we will see if it is possible to let children into such audiences or not. After that, we will decide whether to preserve the distribution of audiences or change them. Therefore, please be careful if the audiences are changed, then information about this will appear on this site.

Under any conditions, in the morning of October 6, the final distribution of classrooms will be given on the doors of the faculties, so if you are late for the event, you will have time to see everything and, if necessary, go to the designated audience.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Other questions Zanzibar 4-6

Here I would like to discuss the issue of helping us, as event organizers, parents, teachers, heads of clubs, etc. It's generally not about finance, it's about other issues. If there is no such assistance, then from next year you will have to make certain restrictions on the number of participants. Honestly, I would not like to do this, because there are not so many such events where children from different schools could compete, form teams with friends… Therefore, I will declare such things in which we need understanding.

In the future, we will have another 2-3 activities for junior classes, so if it is possible to form a parent council for this year – 1-2 people for each parallel – this would satisfy our needs. This is a search for prizes, assistance in purchasing equipment for printing diplomas and other issues that you yourself can voice. I am writing about it right now so that at our meeting you have already worked out this issue and perhaps someone will agree to get a little concerned about these issues. This also includes a financial issue where the parent council can offer a certain small amount worth collecting for these purposes. But experience shows that when we hold an event for 500-700 children, 100-150 parents come to the meeting, that is, others simply do not care what is happening there. I'm sorry, but that's life. The parent council will not be quickly formed, then our meeting with parents will be held very quickly. Let me remind you that due to the repairs, it is planned in the lobby of the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics. If active parents turn out, then we will simply voice those moments that should be done for our children so that these events take place even better.

Therefore, I ask you not to make any contributions yet, except for those that you have known for a long time about our mathematical olympiad movement and want to help a certain amount from yourself.

Similarly, the organizers will be a great help (now it is too late to talk about this, but life does not end with this competition), if you register participants and teams yourself without throwing this case at children. And not just yourself, but you will be attentive. This time, those who did not correctly register the team expect them not to participate in the event. Some children are not in the same team, there are niches of inaccuracies and adversity. Instead of warning us about it and correcting it in a timely manner, questions are now starting – and what to do! There is a list of commands admitted to the event, use this list.

Date of mathematical battles of Kyiv tournament

Past years, we calmly, perhaps not always too calmly, found dates for 3 rounds, and now – for 2 rounds we can not give ourselves advice. Therefore, the following procedure is offered to select dates. We will write out all possible Sundays from November 10 to December 8, 2019. Next, we conduct surveys. Every team that got into our tournament has 1 vote. That is, there will be a maximum of 48 votes for each date from the teams and another 2 votes from the jury. Two dates that will gain a majority and be chosen for the fights. I ask you to indicate when voting for which/which teams the corresponding proposal is expressed.

The survey period is until 14:00 on October 25, 2019, so that at the opening of the All-Ukrainian tournament we will approve these dates.

About selection for the IMO

Financial conditions, fundamentals, agenda of this event can be read in the previous notice of this selection:

The only thing that requires clarification is the new details of the Athena Bank:

Payment recipient:

Name of the organization: BO AFINA BF BO

Recipient code: 36138219


Recipient's account: 26006052622723

IBAN account: UA353206490000026006052622723

Currency: UAH

Bank code (MFO): 320649

In the purpose of payment, it is mandatory to indicate

"CHARITABLE ASSISTANCE TO MATHEMATICAL OLYMPIADS from a certain participant / participants of the selection at the IMO" (you must specify the surname and name).

I also remind you that I will live in an IPO with 2 educators – one from Kharkiv, who will take care of Kharkiv participants. I hope that all the contacts of the children will be in her. Another teacher will be from Lviv, she will take care of all other children living in the IPO. Therefore, upon completion of registration, all contacts of this group of children will be sent to her.

And now essentially. This selection was initiated for potential applicants to the team of Ukraine for the International Mathematical Olympiad. Because this process is influenced by different factors, each student in grades 9-11 must decide for themselves whether to participate in it. Moreover, not for the winners of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad, it is quite expensive.

As for the students of the 8th grade, a few units were able to win places in the group "Junior". I think all 8th grade and junior students should think about this ordeal. I will not be convinced not to participate, but you must first pay the entire amount before the beginning of the 1st round. I hope that the majority of students in grades 5-7 are registered randomly by mistake, but not all of these parents or children warned us about this.

Format of Kyiv citizens' participation in the selection to Kyiv groups

Probably in the first message I did not so clearly spell out the ideas of this selection. Therefore, I will repeat a short time. Initially, we planned that all students of grades 10-11 from the Veterans Group would want to test themselves in the selection for the IMO. But it turned out that this is not the case when children with teachers really appreciated their strength. Moreover, this applies to students in grades 8-9.

Thus, for Kyiv residents, on October 14, 2019, an Olympiad will be held, the results of which should significantly affect the formation of junior and veterans groups for the period up to the next city Olympiad.

1-2 winners of the last city Olympiad are invited to participate.

This is a purely qualifying Olympiad, it is an addition to the city olympiad last year, whose results will also be decisive in the formatting of groups. Not the winners of the last city Olympiad have no chance to get into such groups, 3 winners of the city Olympiad have chances, of course, but they should jump above their heads.

If there are too many participants, then we will reduce their number at our discretion in accordance with the achievements of children last year. Please treat this with understanding.



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