Clarification of the results of the oral team olympiad

Clarification of the results of the oral team olympiad

Final results of the oral team olympiad

Oral Olympiad – results (2)

Unfortunately, the results presented to the organizing committee at the meeting were not accurate. After comments on the site and other unions, the jury carefully reviewed all of its notes, works handed over to the teams and everything else. There have been some changes in the results in three leagues in two of them, they have not changed the division of teams for the next tournament. Therefore, the final results of individual teams simply changed. In the youngest league, the situation is different. The changes were significant. In the final table you can see the current redistribution of teams by league. As you can see, the draw is needed to determine the final composition of teams in leagues A and B. This will be done at a meeting of the organizing committee on the first day of the All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles on October 26, 2019. All interested people can arrive there, under any conditions – it will be a simple draw. What will pass as always calmly and impartially.

Sorry for such inaccuracies




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