Mathfit educational project starts its work

Mathfit educational project starts its work

mf Mathfit educational project starts its work

At the moment, there is a certain inequality between the regions in the Olympiad movement: mathematical events are constantly held in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lviv, and experienced teachers and successful Olympians hold clubs for schoolchildren; this is lacking in many other areas. Mathfit aims to improve the conditions for studying mathematics in the regions that need it.
To implement this idea, we strive to create circles in the cities of teachers participating in the project.
The teacher will be responsible for organizing and conducting the circle, and students (in the past – successful Olympiads) – for the necessary support, such as preparing for lectures and assistance in solving organizational issues. It is also envisaged on-line tournaments, the arrival of some Olympiads for lectures on more complex topics, webinars for teachers and students with experienced teachers and lecturers.
Our team consists of winners of All-Ukrainian and international Olympiads who are happy to share their experience and knowledge.
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