Oral team olympiad. Agenda and distribution of audiences

Oral team olympiad. Agenda and distribution of audiences

We remind you that the oral team olympiad will be held on Sunday, September 29, 2019, as always at the mathematical faculties of the Kyiv National University. T.Shevchenka at glushkov avenue 4d and 4e.


Agenda of the Oral Team Olympiad

830 Arrival of all members of the senior and middle league jury, aud. 39 FC

5 Arrival of captains of middle and senior league teams and their observers to the meeting, aud. 43 FC

0 Start of oral team olympiad for senior and middle league teams

1200 Completion of the Oral Team Olympiad for all leagues

1200 Arrival of all jury members of the youngest and youngest leagues, aud. 39 FC

1215 Arrival of captains and observers of the youngest and youngest league teams to the meeting, aud. 43 FC

1230 Start of oral team olympiad for teams of the youngest and junior leagues

1500 Completion of the oral team olympiad for the teams of the youngest and junior leagues

1500 Start of the meeting of team leaders in the audience of the 221st Faculty of Cybernetics in accordance with the announced questions

Distribution of classrooms for oral team olympiad

This link shows the audiences in which teams will compete. I ask that during the competition and at the end of the Olympiad there is order in the classrooms – both in terms of honest behavior, and in understanding the preservation of property, garbage collection behind me. It is for the correctness of honesty during the Olympiad and the order in the audience that the observers present in this audience are responsible. But also for their teams in case of certain misunderstandings or adversity will be responsible contacts registered on the site.

2010–12 UEFA Europa League group

1.202VinnitsaPleaseLyceum No 171 "Leader"
2.203Gymnasium No. 178–1HurwichLyceum No 208
3.306Gymnasium No. 178–2Bul-de-sulchingPNL No 145
4.20Gymnasium No. 178–3Skopyk GlebRusanivsky Lyceum-1
5.204National teamPL 145 BasisRusanivsky Lyceum-2
6.205Lyceum "Scientific Change"–1FREAKAdelksTL NTUU "KPI"–1
7.307Lyceum "Scientific Change"–2PunTL NTUU "KPI"–2
8.21Lyceum "Scientific Change"–3PieceUFML KNU-1
9.206Lyceum No 100 "Podil"DivisionKNU UFML-2
10.302Lyceum No 171 "Leader"Leader 10Vinnitsa
11.208Lyceum No 208Lyceum No208Gymnasium No. 178–1
12.308PNL No 145PushkaGymnasium No. 178–2
13.207Rusanivsky Lyceum-1PoseidnoGymnasium No. 178–3
14.303Rusanivsky Lyceum-2RL10_1National team
15.208TL NTUU "KPI"–1FantomathLyceum "Scientific Change"–1
16.304TL NTUU "KPI"–22011–13 Ukrainian 2010–09Lyceum "Scientific Change"–2
17.209UFML KNU-1VeteransLyceum "Scientific Change"–3
18.305KNU UFML-2Cat DogLyceum No 100 "Podil"


Middle League (Faculty of Cybernetics)

1.302BasisUlianaLyceum No 171 "Leader"–3
2.303Gymnasium No. 178–1NakedLyceum No 208
3.14Gymnasium No. 178–2Cucumbers from m.PNL No 145-1
4.304Lyceum "Scientific Change"–1InfinityPNL No. 145–2
5.13Lyceum "Scientific Change"–2PhoenixRusanivsky Lyceum
6.305Lyceum No 171 "Leader"–1CPLUFML KNU-1
7.15Lyceum No 171 "Leader"–2Leader 9-2KNU UFML-2
8.12Lyceum No 171 "Leader"–3Leader 9-3Basis
9.306Lyceum No 208208Gymnasium No. 178–1
10.307PNL No 145-1145 ChumovyGymnasium No. 178–2
11.16PNL No. 145–2Prismatic OLyceum "Scientific Change"–1
12.308Rusanivsky LyceumRL_9Lyceum "Scientific Change"–2
13.309UFML KNU-1WinnersLyceum No 171 "Leader"–1
14.17KNU UFML-2S snowyLyceum No 171 "Leader"–2


2010–12 UEFA Europa League group

1.202BasisOlegLyceum No 208-1
2.203Gymnasium No. 178–1DegtyarenkoLyceum No 208-2
3.308Gymnasium No. 178–2KozachenkoPL NTUU "KPI"
4.204National teamInvariantPNL No 145-1
5.205Lyceum "Scientific Change"–1OctagonPNL No. 145–2
6.20Lyceum "Scientific Change"–2ChinylyPNL No. 145–3
7.309Lyceum No 100 "Podil"TulleniPNL No 145–4
8.206Lyceum No 171 "Leader"–1AlphaRusanivsky Lyceum
9.302Lyceum No 171 "Leader"–2betaTL NTUU "KPI"
10.21Lyceum No 171 "Leader"–3gammaUFML KNU-1
11.42Lyceum No 171 "Leader"–4KotelenevKNU UFML-2
12.207Lyceum No 208-1208 -1Basis
13.303Lyceum No 208-2208 -2Gymnasium No. 178–1
14.307PL NTUU "KPI"ConstantGymnasium No. 178–2
15.208PNL No 145-1AntonovNational team
16.304PNL No. 145–2Milk novaLyceum "Scientific Change"–1
17.34PNL No. 145–3RyabichenkoLyceum "Scientific Change"–2
18.44PNL No 145–4SprokLyceum No 100 "Podil"
19.210Rusanivsky LyceumRusanivski r.Lyceum No 171 "Leader"–1
20.305TL NTUU "KPI"BeaversLyceum No 171 "Leader"–2
21.209UFML KNU-1SteepLyceum No 171 "Leader"–3
22.306KNU UFML-2JuniorsLyceum No 171 "Leader"–4


2010–12 UEFA Europa League group

1.302Basis2010–11 Ukrainian National Under-19 MilitaryLyceum No 171 "Leader"–2
2.303Gymnasium No 178Formula for successLyceum No 171 "Leader"–3
3.304National team-1MatCompotLyceum No 208
4.14National team-2RobbersAlexandria Gymnasium
5.17National team-3Force MajeurePL NTUU "KPI"
6.305Lyceum "Scientific Change"–1LNZ-AlphaRusanivsky Lyceum-1
7.13Lyceum "Scientific Change"–2ZanzibarRusanivsky Lyceum-2
8.16Lyceum "Scientific Change"–3ParadigmTL NTUU "KPI"–1
9.40Lyceum "Scientific Change"–4FactorialTL NTUU "KPI"–2
10.306Lyceum No 142-1AlphaTL NTUU "KPI"–3
11.12Lyceum No 142-2Formula for successTL NTUU "KPI"–4
12.308Lyceum No 171 "Leader"–1ZucchiniBasis
13.18Lyceum No 171 "Leader"–2Leader 6.1.Gymnasium No 178
14.10Lyceum No 171 "Leader"–3RobbersNational team-1
15.309Lyceum No 2086 cubedNational team-2
16.310Alexandria GymnasiumRound squareNational team-3
17.311PL NTUU "KPI"72Lyceum "Scientific Change"–1
18.312Rusanivsky Lyceum-1RL_7_1Lyceum "Scientific Change"–2
19.9Rusanivsky Lyceum-2RL_7_2Lyceum "Scientific Change"–3
20.1TL NTUU "KPI"–1CatShedingerLyceum "Scientific Change"–4
21.8TL NTUU "KPI"–2Our religionLyceum No 142-1
22.15TL NTUU "KPI"–3EyeLyceum No 142-2
23.42TL NTUU "KPI"–4FatLyceum No 171 "Leader"–1


Questions at the meeting of the organizing committee


  1. Summing up Zanzibar regarding the inappropriate behavior of parents and teams. Deciding on measures in further such cases.
  2. Summing up the oral team olympiad. Formation of a tournament of mathematical battles (no more than 12 teams in each league). Preliminary coordination of the date of the first battle. Approval of the format of the tournament in 2 rounds – one in November and December. Approval of the tournament format regarding time loads and number of participants. The principle of formation of national teams. Financial issues.
  3. Making a decision regarding the kyiv team to clarify the list of personal vacancies for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad from Kyiv.
  4. On the work of clubs to prepare Kiev for the All-Ukrainian Olympiad.
  5. Miscellaneous




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