Jury of the XVI Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles named after Lesya Rubleva

Jury of the XVI Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles named after Lesya Rubleva

Older in parallels

The youngest is Sandatsian Polina (2nd year) and Banderas Maria (3rd year);

Junior League – Kodyrova Zarina (3rd year) and Kateryna Dudko (2nd year);

middle league – Andriy Gurazovsky (4th year) and Anastasia Lukyanova (5th year);

senior league – Yulia Tikhonravova (4th year) and Oleksyshyn Oleksiy (2 courses);

Jury distribution by parallels

CT Jury Members

For the normal operation of the jury in the Kiev tournament of mathematical battles, we need about 48 members of the jury, it is desirable that at least half of them have some experience and Olympic achievements in the past. We have reviewed the registration for the jury members, in accordance with the fact that we now give a preliminary list of the jury and their distribution by parallels. I emphasize that this distribution is very preliminary. Everyone who has found themselves there should evaluate whether you are ready to work in this format.

Our first test will take place on Sunday September 29, 2019, where each parallel should work out and it is desirable to form teams for the next tournament of mathematical battles. All other issues – moving to another league, participation or not participating on a certain day, etc. – you have to decide with the seniors in parallels so that your absence or transition to another league does not come as a surprise to them.

Jury List

Jury work on September 29, 2019

I ask you to agree on your participation in the oral team olympiad with the elders by September 29, as well as carefully look at the website when exactly your parallel works, because this Olympiad will be held in 2 shifts – from 9 to 12 and from 12:30 to 15:00.

Potential unsealed jury members

If you do not have time to register with our jury, or you will not be able to work at each event, then join as you can – at individual events or for a certain time. Most importantly, warn about your participation in senior leagues, or other jury leaders (see above) so that we can take advantage of your best. It is clear that this primarily concerns our high school students, graduates, postgraduates, etc., who actively participated in the work of the jury in the past years.






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