Simplex School of Mathematics

Simplex School of Mathematics

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Formed groups and schedule

From Monday, September 16, the first full semester begins at the Simplex School of Mathematics. A little about our groups.

Groups of 5-6 classes are formed on a "territorial basis", so the basis there will be Olympiad mathematics, and in-depth reading will be read depending on the level of the group.

First group 5 class: Monday (4:30 p.m., ad. 221) and Thursday (4:30 p.m., ad. 213).

Second group 5 class: Tuesday (3:40 p.m., aud. 224) and Thursday (3:40 p.m., ad. 224).

First group 6 class: Monday (17:00, aud. 213) and Thursday (5 p.m., ad. 222).

Second group 6 class: Monday (3:40 p.m., aud. 224) and Friday (3:40 p.m., ad. 224).

Groups of 7 classes are formed in the declared areas – Olympiad and Olympiad with in-depth.

Olympic Group 7 Class: Tuesday (5 p.m., ad. 213) and Thursday (5 p.m.).

Pog+Olympus Group 7 Class: Wednesday (5 p.m., aud. 221) and Friday (5 p.m., ad. 222).

In other parallels, the situation is as follows.

Separately formed Olympiad group 9 class in lyceum "Leader".

The schedule of classes is specified. Also formed group of 9 classes in our partners at the location

I remind you that for a week the following groups have been working:

Polonsky circle: Tuesday (16:30) and Thursday (16:30).

Junior Group, Wednesday (4:30 p.m.).

Veterans Group, Wednesday (4:30 p.m.

Certain nuances

If you want to join the formed groups, then do not hesitate that your child is not too far behind and does not have to catch up with his classmates.

If your child is in parallel, where groups are not formed, then you need to help us do it. In order to do so, there are groups of interested parents in the telegram or Viber. Look for like-minded people and we will gladly open training in new groups.

We will send out documents for payment for all classes held in early October.





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