"Mathematical Zanzibar", September 15, 2019

"Mathematical Zanzibar", September 15, 2019


Zanzibar results and "parental help"

Below are the signs with results for each league. Special comments to the two leagues. About this in a little more detail.

Zanzibar 7 final

Zanzibar Grade 8

Zanzibar Grade 9



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In the youngest league, 6 teams at once (maybe there were more of them), the jury recorded the use of mobile phones or other office equipment, and far from checking the time or counting the product 2 by 2. In addition, some parents managed, sitting in other places (cafes, university classrooms, etc.), to solve the problems of mathematical zanzibar of their children and to redirect their solutions or answers to them. We have always had teachers and parents as our like-minded people in holding events so that they are as honest and transparent as possible. Unfortunately this year, parents have shown themselves to be completely different. Even the fact that they received the task of Zanzibar indicates that their children have already been set up for the same incorrect actions as sending tasks to third parties. I believe that, firstly, it degrades the dignity and level of knowledge of your own children, and, secondly, attempts to win dishonestly and at any cost will lead us only to the void, to an atmosphere of complete distrust and suspicion of each other. Similarly, the behavior of individual parents who entered the audience and interfered with the event was also inappropriate.

Obviously, the vast majority of parents did this, but they managed to spoil the organizers and the jury the pleasure of holding such an important interesting and bright event. The conclusion from here is very simple – the rule will apply to all our other measures:

parents do not have the right to enter and look into the audience where competitions take place under any conditions!

Similarly, any use of prohibited office equipment by children will automatically disqualify the entire team for the whole season. I remind you that in case of an emergency family or other problem, everything is solved with permission and with the help of a jury. That is, a child can be called to the jury room to solve an issue or problem that unexpectedly arose. Similarly, in the presence of a jury, a child can call parents if necessary.

This time, the jury simply divided in half the scores of each of the 6 teams that were found to be conducting an unfair game. This decision will be finally approved (or amended to cancel the results of these teams) at a meeting of the organizing committee of the tournament on September 29, 2019.

In the senior league, the mistake was made by the jury in the task number 5. There, the word "integers" was accidentally replaced by "natural numbers". Because of this problem became invalid, that is, it could not be solved in Zanzibar conditions, that is, without the use of computer programs. Therefore, this task was canceled. Excuse me, please, for such an edience. We saw it at the very end of Zanzibar, when it was too late to clarify the condition. The following solutions provide a condition and solution to the problem it was supposed to be.

Also on task 16 answers will be reviewed and corrected.

In all other leagues, everything went more or less calmly, because there were much fewer teams there and the participants had already participated in Zanzibar not for the first time.

Next activities

We remind you that on September 29, 2019, an oral team olympiad will be held, according to the results of which this year's tournament will be formed. But this is in the coming days, because now everyone is waiting for the results of Zanzibar.




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