Mathematical zanzibar for students of 4 – 6 grades

Mathematical zanzibar for students of 4 – 6 grades

Time and place, conditions

Mathematical zanzibar for grades 4-6, as it became a good tradition, is held on Teacher's Day, that is, this year it will be held on October 6. The competition starts at 10 a.m. in all leagues. The venue is the mathematical faculties of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Glushkov Avenue 4 d and 4e.

As last year, the Mathematical Zanzibar for students of grades 4 – 6 will be as follows: each team must have 2 or 3 participants. Invalid participation in the event of teams of 1 participant or more than 3. Accordingly, the number of tasks offered to participants will be reduced to 12. Registration is now being announced to know the possible number of teams/participants. In order to avoid the hectic and misunderstandings that occurred last year, the composition of the team during registration is mandatory. On the plaques for each team, this team will be printed. As a mark of respect for the organizers of the event, you should form teams in advance, and not tell the children – come all comers, and there we will plant you.

Pre-participation of all participants should be free of charge, but if there are too many teams, then perhaps we will introduce a small organizing office, no more than 50 UAH from the team.

Registration for mathematical zanzibar for 4 – 6 classes

It is a request that the registration be carried out by the adults responsible for the teams – teachers, parents or heads of clubs. If 1 child arrives from a registered team in Zanzibar, which according to the rules cannot participate in the event, it will be clear to everyone who should justify such annoying things to the child.

2010–12 Ukrainian Cup


Name or captain of the team (1 word in the official language)

Team members (surnames and names)

Contact person in charge of the team

Contact phone number (won't show on site)

Registration will last until 14.00 Monday, September 30, 2019 at the link





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