"Mathematical Zanzibar", September 15, 2019

"Mathematical Zanzibar", September 15, 2019

Agenda and distribution of audiences

I remind you that as always the competition will take place at the mathematical faculties of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv at academician Glushkov Avenue 4 d and 4 e (metro station "Vyvodkovy tsentr").

Distributing audiences

The youngest league (7 classes)

Start at Zanzibar at 10:00 a.m.

(all teams compete in mechanics and mathematics

faculty in classrooms 41, 42, 44, 20 and 21)

51 commands

Aud.Educational institution Name/Captain
1.41Alternative Ketterra School1Kiterra
3.42Gymnasium No 1783Barcelona
4.41Gymnasium No 1783Matclass
5.44Gymnasium No 1783Pi number
6.41National team4National team_Ukraine
7.41National team5Pascal's treagolnik
8.41National team6Formula for success
9.41National team7ForceMazhor
10.44Lyceum No 2088Animatronics
11.41Lyceum No 2088Bees
12.42Lyceum No 2088Robbers
13.41Lyceum No100 Podil9Podol 1
14.42Lyceum No100 Podil9Podol 2
15.41Holosiivskyi Lyceum No 24110delta
16.44Lyceum Leader #17111arsenal
17.20Lyceum Leader #17111Beavers
18.21Lyceum Leader #17111Bums
19.42Lyceum Leader #17111Darwin
20.44Lyceum Leader #17111Dragoons
21.44Lyceum Leader #17111crab
22.41Lyceum Leader #17111Leader 6.1.
23.44Lyceum Leader #17111Mavkas
24.20Lyceum Leader #17111meow
25.42Lyceum Leader #17111Fresh (2010)
26.44Lyceum Scientific Change12Task Lords
27.42Lyceum Scientific Change12Einstein
28.44Lyceum Scientific Change12Zanzibar
29.41Lyceum Scientific Change12Mandragor root
30.44Lyceum Scientific Change12Seals
31.20Lyceum Scientific Change12Syrozhyky
32.42Lyceum Scientific Change12Factorial
33.41Alexandria Gymnasium13Round Square
34.21PL NTUU KPI14Osipov
35.41PL NTUU KPI14Taftai
36.42PL NTUU KPI14Tkachenko
37.20Rusanivsky Lyceum15RL 7_1
38.41Rusanivsky Lyceum15RL 7_2
39.42Rusanivsky Lyceum15RL 7_3
40.41School No 10616Linguists
41.42School No 194 Perspective17Bohdan Dorochynskyi
42.41School No 194 Perspective17Ptonishi
43.21TL NTUU KPI18Cactus
44.42TL NTUU KPI18Smarts
45.44TL NTUU KPI19Arziaev
46.42TL NTUU KPI19Dryga
47.20TL NTUU KPI19CatShedinger
48.41TL NTUU KPI19Melnyk
49.44TL NTUU KPI19Eye
50.44TL NTUU KPI19Shevchuk

Junior League (8 classes)

Start at Zanzibar at 10:00

(all teams compete at the Faculty of Cybernetics

audiences 39, 40 and 18)

33 teams

Aud.Educational institution Name/Captain
2.39Gymnasium No 1782Fighters
3.40Gymnasium No 1782Daredevils
4.39National team3Invariant
5.40Lyceum No 2084Command 1
6.39Lyceum No 2084Command 2
7.39Lyceum No100 Podil5Tulleni
8.39Lyceum Leader #1716Alpha
9.40Lyceum Leader #1716Veta
10.40Lyceum Leader #1716gamma
11.39Lyceum Leader #1716delta
12.18Lyceum Leader #1716Epsilon
13.40Lyceum Leader #1716Mokliak
14.39Lyceum Leader #1716Olender
15.39Lyceum Leader #1716Shkorbotushka
16.40Lyceum Scientific Change7Hexagon
17.39Lyceum Scientific Change7Teletules
18.18Lyceum Scientific Change7Tim Musk
19.40PL NTUU KPI8biology
20.39PL NTUU KPI8Phoenix
21.39PL NTUU KPI8Shah and Mat
22.40PNL No 1459Boris
23.40PNL No 1459Homeniuk
24.39PNL No 1459Hudzenko
25.39PNL No 1459Korolevskaya
26.40PNL No 1459Mass
27.18PNL No 1459Salan
28.39Rusanivsky Lyceum10Rusanivski
29.40TL NTUU KPI11Beavers
30.39TL NTUU KPI11Re-election
31.40TL NTUU KPI11Styopa
32.39UFML KNU12Krutye
33.39UFML KNU12Juniors

Middle league (9 classes)

Zanzibar kicks off at 10:3
0 a.m.

(all teams compete in mechanics and mathematics

audiences 45 and 34)

19 teams

Aud.Educational institution Name/Captain
2.45Gymnasium No 1782factory
3.45Gymnasium No 1782Gurchik with milk
4.45Gymnasium No 1782Reshals 178
5.45CPL No171 "Leader"3Team at Zanzibar
6.45CPL No171 "Leader"3CPL
7.45Lyceum No 2084208
8.45Lyceum Scientific Change5Infinity
9.45Lyceum Scientific Change5Phoenix
10.45PL NTUU KPI6Polyekh
11.45PNL No 1457145 Plague Prismatics
12.45PNL No 1457Prismatic Original ©
13.45PNL No 1457Aulous monarchy
14.45Rusanivsky Lyceum8RL 9_1
15.45Rusanivsky Lyceum8RL 9_2
16.45UFML KNU950*50
17.45UFML KNU9S snowy

Senior League (Grades 10-11)

Zanzibar kicks off at 10:30 a.m.

(all teams compete at the Faculty of Cybernetics

faculty in classrooms 43 and 42)

30 commands

Aud.Educational institution Name/Captain
1.43Gymnasium No 1781Boar
2.42Gymnasium No 1781Flower garden
3.42Gymnasium No 1781Bul-de-sulching
4.43Gymnasium No 1781Sad Gorod
5.43National team2PL 145 Basis
6.43School No 16 Kramatorsk3Epsilon
7.43Lyceum No 2084Lyceum #208
8.43Lyceum No100 Podil5Division
9.42Lyceum Leader #171610-V class
10.42Lyceum Leader #1716Leader 1.0
11.43Lyceum Leader #1716Leader 1.0
12.43Lyceum Leader #1716US #89 – 1.0
13.43Lyceum Scientific Change7Wick
14.43PL NTUU KPI8M-8/11
15.42PNL 1459145 2012 in Elyse
16.43PNL 1459189 SQUAD
17.42PNL 1459Great Mumrice
18.42Rusanivsky Lyceum10Rl10_1
19.43Rusanivsky Lyceum10Rl10_2
20.42Rusanivsky Lyceum10Rl10_3
21.43Rusanivsky Lyceum10Rl11_1
22.42Rusanivsky Lyceum10Rl11_2
23.42TL NTUU KPI11Dvorak
24.43TL NTUU KPI11Fantomath
25.42UFML KNU12Veterans
26.43UFML KNU12Einsteins
27.42UFML KNU12Cat Dog
28.43UFML KNU12LYDER – 2.0
29.43FMG No 17 Vinnitsa13Zhmyshenko
30.43FMG No 17 Vinnitsa13Please

Zanzibar Agenda

900 Arrival of the youngest and youngest leagues to set up techniques and solve other

930 Arrival of the middle and senior league jury to set up techniques and solve other organizing questions

945 Arrival of the youngest and youngest league teams

The youngest league (not older than 7th grade)

Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Auditorium 41 (Basic), 42, 44, 20 and 21

Junior League (8 classes)

Faculty of Cybernetics, Audience 39 (Basic), 40 and 18

1000 Start of the competition of the youngest and youngest leagues

1015 Arrival of middle and senior league teams

Middle league (9 classes)

Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Audiences 45 (Basic) and 34

Senior League (Grades 10-11)

Faculty of Cybernetics, Audience 43 (Basic) and 42

1030 Start of middle and senior league competition

1045 Team Leaders Meeting in the Auditorium of the 221st Faculty of Cybernetics

1200 Completing the Competition of the Youngest and Junior Leagues

1230 Completion of the competition of middle and senior leagues

Information for parents

During the zanzibar, it is advisable not to interfere with its holding by its constant presence in the audience where the events are held. You can go in and see, but please do it promptly and get out. Jury members need to move between audiences to update results quickly, so it's not advisable for them to stumble on your backs in classrooms or at the door.




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