Vitaliy Polonsky's circle and other joint circles

Vitaliy Polonsky's circle and other joint circles

Vitaliy Polonsky's circle

Today was the first lesson of Polonsky's circle. Skibitsky Nikita held classes on the topic:

Kletchachaya combinatorika: the rescras, the principle of extreme, vineka + prima, … (on the say from this there are all the simple tasks).

There were 8 members of this group. Recall their list:

  1. Yudin Fedor (11th grade, Lyceum 208)
  2. Hasin Marko (11th grade, Rusanovsky Lyceum)
  3. Dmytro Rudenko (Grade 11, Lyceum Leader)
  4. Mytsyk Serhiy (Grade 11, UFML)
  5. Naumets Zakhar (Grade 10, Lyceum Leader)
  6. Andrey Kovrigin (Grade 10, Lyceum 208)
  7. Volodymyr Didur (10th grade, gymnasium 178)
  8. Kolodach Yana (Grade 10, Lyceum Leader)
  9. Ivanchuk Roksolana (Grade 9, Lyceum Scientific Change)

I note that the winner of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics Masalitin Alexey from Kharkiv moved to Kyiv. He was invited to become the 10th member of this group, but he refused, so still – after the selection for the International Mathematical Olympiads, this group will probably be increased to 12 members.

Groups of kiev preparation for

IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

I remind you that two other clubs will start working tomorrow. Like Polonsky's club, it will be held at the Liko school at 4:30 p.m.

Veteran 10–11:

  1. Mykhailo Shandenko (Grade 11, Lyceum Leader)
  2. Vakhitov Anton (Grade 11, Naukova Change Lyceum)
  3. Andrey Abdulayev (11th grade, Naukova Change Lyceum)
  4. Volobuev Danylo (Grade 10, Lyceum Leader)
  5. Mykhailo Manvelyan (Grade 10, Lyceum Leader)
  6. Shevchenko Ivan (10th grade, Lyceum 208)
  7. BorysenkoUriy (grade 11, School 202)
  8. Volodymyr Tohony (11th grade, Rusanivskyi Lyceum)
  9. Vasin Bogdan (Grade 11, UFML)
  10. Zakharenko Artem (Grade 10, Polytechnic Lyceum)
  11. Nobleman Prokhor (Grade 10, Rusanivskyi Lyceum)

Composition of group 9 and younger (junior):

  1. Gavrilyuk Anton (9th grade, Lyceum Scientific Change)
  2. Yelizaveta peas (Grade 9, PNL 145)
  3. Igor Nikolaev (9th grade, Lyceum Scientific Change)
  4. Matviychuk Vladislav (Grade 9, Lyceum Leader)
  5. Borys Tregubenko (Grade 9, Lyceum Leader)
  6. Henik Polina (Grade 8, Lyceum Leader)
  7. Romaniuk Iryna (8th grade, Lyceum Leader)
  8. Anton Kaminsky (Grade 9, PDL 145)
  9. Tailor Andrey (Grade 9, Lyceum Leader)
  10. Matuzka Daniel (Grade 9, Lyceum Leader)
  11. Bardus Denis (Grade 9, Lyceum Leader)
  12. Chaiko Artem (8th grade, Lyceum Leader)




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