V All-Ukrainian Summer School on the basis of UFML of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv "Mathematical Olympus"

V All-Ukrainian Summer School on the basis of UFML of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv "Mathematical Olympus"

August 15 (Thursday) – August 28 (Wednesday) 2019

  1. Completion of VLSH "Mathematical Olympus"
  2. First Totals
  3. Summer School Organizing Committee

Completion of the All-Ukrainian Summer Mathematical School

"Mathematical Olympus"

The first event of the new 2019-2020 Academic Olympiad year has ended. Fortunately, now in Ukraine there are already several similar summer schools, oriented to different layers of young mathematicians. But this school is the most massive and popular among students from all over the country. More than 250 children studied Olympiad mathematics for two weeks and prepared for a busy year. What's nice is that everyone who has visited the Olympics at least once usually tries to get here every summer.

I would like to thank everyone who has made a considerable effort to make the school as successful as this year. These are lecturers who have prepared good and meaningful lessons for each day, the introductory and final Olympiad and other working moments. This and educators, who perfectly cared for the participants of the summer school, spent a lot outside the training activities, which made the leisure of young mathematicians very, very interesting and rich. This is the UFML staff, who this year, in cooperation with educators and organizers of VLSH, perfectly equipped the everyday life of all participants. These are the main persons of VLSH – children from all over Ukraine – from Transcarpathia to Berdyansk. Perhaps not everyone had significant achievements in the final exam, but the fact that they became friends with their peers forever is already a very good and important achievement of VLSH "Mathematical Olympus".

First Totals

A very important point for VLSH "Mathematical Olympus" is its holding in Kiev and it is in the UFML. Firstly, almost 200 of the LSH participants are from different Ukrainian regions. Therefore, in a few years they will be able to wander around all the interesting places of our capital, so that it becomes for them at least a little hometown. It is no secret that a lot of our young mathematicians will later choose Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University for study. In addition, if our participants liked the educational institution where the VLSH, UFML was held, then with great desire they may think about moving to study in Kyiv at school age.

And in general, it is clear that it is not so difficult to find a good place for the camp near Kyiv or in other secluded corners of our Ukraine if you have 30, 50 70 students. Then it is enough to equip 3-4 rooms for training and meetings, and you can work. If there are more than 200 people, then this becomes a certain problem so that the place is convenient for studying and the cost does not reflect the desire to come. I think that we manage to combine everything in the UFML.

Well, to the students of the next summer schools – do not forget to register in a timely manner, because this year for the first time we refused all additional participants. I think that this trend will continue in the coming years. Let the site of mathematical olympiads

will become a permanent bookmark on your computer. There are always and in advance announced upcoming events and timely coverage of the course of events and results. By the way, you could follow about the course of events of this year's school "Mathematical Olympus" on Facebook, perhaps next year it will be more actively displayed on our Olympiad website.

VLSH photos

Summer School Organizing Committee:

Andrei Ainkushin

Bohdan Rublev

If you have any questions or suggestions that you do not want to publish in general, then contact us with them, we will gladly discuss them.




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