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"Mathematical Zanzibar" XIV Kiev tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rubleva

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Mathematical Zanzibar September 15, 2019

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We will start olympiad competitions this year with a mathematical zanzibar. It is included in the program of the 16th tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rubleva. As in all recent years, the tournament (including mathematical zanzibar) will be held in four leagues: the youngest (NL) – no older than 7 class, junior (ML) – 8 classes, middle (SL) – 9 classes and senior (ST) – 10-11 classes. Permissible, but not desirable, the participation of some students or entire teams in a higher parallel compared to their true learning class. The event will be held at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics (M) and the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics (K) of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv at glushkov Avenue 4d and 4th, respectively.

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The course of events VLMSH "Mathematical Olympus"

Day 2

Although it is cool outside the window and it rains and classes in the summer mathematical school continue: new topics, interesting tasks… and do not forget about safety during classes and r

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Photos of the first day of VLMSH "Mathematical Olympus"

And in the summer mathematical school on the first day we did not get bored: we gladly met the participants, placed in the rooms, met new friends, and someone met the old ones)), and after the entrance exam they were divided into groups and began the educational process. So, go ahead to the meeting with new impressions and knowledge!

For more photos of the mathematical school, see the link.

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Distribution of audiences for the admission olympiad VLSH

V All-Ukrainian Summer School on the basis of UFML
Kyiv National University
after Taras Shevchenko
"Mathematical Olympus"

August 15 (Thursday) – August 28 (Wednesday) 2019

Distribution of audiences for the admission olympiad

Below are the audiences in which children should arrive after the general meeting. Surely you will be accompanied by educators, but it is still better to know where you will be waiting. The first classes will also take place in the same classrooms, just the distribution of students within each parallel will change significantly.

Participants and distribution

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Announcement of autumn All-Ukrainian events

  1. Selection of Ukraine team for international mathematical olympiads
  2. XII All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles named after Academician Lyashko

Here we announce two major events of the All-Ukrainian cycle, which will take place in the fall. This is the selection of Ukrainian teams for the International Mathematical Olympiads and the All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles named after Academician Lyashko. From the experience of recent years, when these events were connected in time in such a way that immediately after one the second began. On the one hand, it was convenient that you should not spend twice on the road. But on the other – 2 weeks the children lived in dormitories, and not in the family. this year we are doing them separately and will see if it is better.

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