V All-Ukrainian Summer School on the basis of UFML of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv "Mathematical Olympus"

V All-Ukrainian Summer School on the basis of UFML of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv "Mathematical Olympus"

August 15 (Thursday) – August 28 (Wednesday) 2019

List of those whose prepayment reached the organizers

Registration final-02

In the table below, in a separate column there are "+" badges, which means that the prepayment made for this child has reached the accounts of the Athena Charitable Foundation. This means that the purpose of depositing funds has been correctly indicated and there is an accurate identification for whom exactly the contribution was made. Whether everyone is leaving prepayment for the last days, or just this year, many are hesitant about whether to participate in the All-Ukrainian Summer School. But there is still time, just closer to the completion of the contributions (June 25) nuances are possible so that the money for the child is paid at the last moment and due to the delay in transfers, we may not see them in a timely manner.

In all conditions, prepayment, which will be made later than the deadline, will not be credited. This is the same violation of the rules of the organization of VLSH, as well as a request to add a child to the participants of the VLSH. So far, we have not made any decisions regarding these appeals, because it all depends on the number of those who make a prepayment, which will prove their participation.

Problem transfers

I remind you how the prepayment should be made. By June 25, everyone who has not changed their minds to participate in the All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus" must pay 1000 UAH to the accounts of the Charitable Foundation "Athena" in compliance with the written requirements for the contribution:

Details of the fund "Athena"

Charitable organization

Charitable Foundation "Athen

04071, vul. Yaroslavska, 4b

Account No. 26006052622723


MFO 320649

EDRPPO code 36138219

In the purpose of payment, it is mandatory to indicate

"CHARITABLE ASSISTANCE TO MATHEMATICAL OLYMPIADS from a certain participant of the LMSH" (you must specify the surname and name).

We can not find for whom the contribution paid, where it is spelled out that it is "Charitable assistance to mathematical Olympiads from Sokolov Sofia Valeriivna".

There were still inaccuracies, but our responsible for the list of payments was able to successfully recognize the recipients, although some of them successfully hid without providing either a phone for communication or other signs.

The main terms of the summer school

June 10-25, 2019 – those who are on the lists for participation in the LMSH must transfer UAH 1,000 to the accounts of the Athena Charitable Foundation. With full confidence that nothing will interfere with participation in the LMSH, you can transfer the entire amount at once. I remind you that in case of refusal to participate, the return of this amount from the accounts of the Charitable Foundation has certain problems.

June 26 – 30, 2019 – the organizing committee of the summer school will present on the site the final lists of participants of the summer school and will calmly prepare for its holding.

For the attention of potential participants

In this plate there are 3 columns for each class. A column containing 0 and 1 means that the child needs three meals a day and will live in a UFML dormitory (1), or the child will only have lunch (possibly breakfast) and will not live in the dormitory (0). If the designation is not true, then be sure to indicate this additionally.

Also, I ask you to more accurately indicate the school in which you study, where it is not fully prescribed.

Summer School Organizing Committee:

Andrei Ainkushin

Bohdan Rublev

If you have any questions or suggestions, then contact us with them, we will gladly discuss them. It is very likely that you have your own vision to improve the work of our/your summer school.

Glory to Ukraine!


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