Summer Mathematical School Liko-Simplex

Summer Mathematical School Liko-Simplex

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We provide lists of all registered participants. There was no denying it for the first time, and so we are only looking for our supporters. We even asked you to make a prepayment, so your participation depends on your integrity. In the sense that if you change your mind about participating in some resonances, you should warn us in any way.

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All registered wait at the private liko school for breakfast at 9 am. The classes themselves will begin at about 10 a.m. They will last intermittently until 13 or 13:30. Next lunch is up to 15 hours. In the afternoon, another hour will be classes where we hope students will take homework, that is, check themselves as they have mastered the topic. And then, from about 4 p.m., there will be mathematical and non-mathematical entertainment.

So, before the meeting, I hope that both students and teachers will like participation in the summer school.








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