Vitaliy Polonsky's circle and other joint circles

Vitaliy Polonsky's circle and other joint circles

Vitaliy Polonsky's circle

This group will start working from the second/third week of September 2019. Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 p.m. at Lyko School (5a Meitus Composer Street) under the auspices of the Simplex School of Mathematics and Quant's Circle.

This group includes students from all Kyiv schools for last year's achievements – 1st and 2nd places at the IV stage of the last All-Ukrainian Olympiad or selection for the last IMO.

There are currently 9 such students:

  1. Yudin Fedor (11th grade, Lyceum 208)
  2. Hasin Marko (11th grade, Rusanovsky Lyceum)
  3. Dmytro Rudenko (Grade 11, Lyceum Leader)
  4. Mytsyk Serhiy (Grade 11, UFML)
  5. Naumets Zakhar (Grade 10, Lyceum Leader)
  6. Andrey Kovrigin (Grade 10, Lyceum 208)
  7. Volodymyr Didur (10th grade, gymnasium 178)
  8. Kolodach Yana (Grade 10, Lyceum Leader)
  9. Ivanchuk Roksolana (Grade 9, Lyceum Scientific Change)

After the autumn selection at the IMO, this group will be supplemented by 3 more participants who are not part of this group and will show the best results in the IMO group.

It should be noted that if 1 or more members of this group consider it inappropriate to visit the club, then no one else will be able to claim their places during the year. And these participants themselves can join the group at any time.

Groups of kiev preparation for

IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

In addition to polonsky's circle, 2 age groups will be formed, each of which will have no more than 12 students. Classes in these groups will be held once a week on Wednesdays at 17:00 at the Lyko School (5a Meitus Composer Street) under the auspices of the Simplex School of Mathematics and the Quanta Circle. One group is formed from students of 10-11 grades, the second – junior.

Students from all Kyiv schools get into this circle according to last year's achievements – the results at the IV and third stages of the last All-Ukrainian Olympiad, as well as the results of the selection of Kyivans and the UFML for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad. The final decision on the composition of groups is made by voting of representatives of mathematical educational institutions whose students were participants of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad.

Veteran 10–11:

  1. Mykhailo Shandenko (Grade 11, Lyceum Leader)
  2. Vakhitov Anton (Grade 11, Naukova Change Lyceum)
  3. Andrey Abdulayev (11th grade, Naukova Change Lyceum)
  4. Volobuev Danylo (Grade 10, Lyceum Leader)
  5. Mykhailo Manvelyan (Grade 10, Lyceum Leader)
  6. Shevchenko Ivan (10th grade, Lyceum 208)
  7. BorysenkoUriy (grade 11, School 202)
  8. Volodymyr Tohony (11th grade, Rusanivskyi Lyceum)
  9. Vasin Bogdan (Grade 11, UFML)
  10. Zakharenko Artem (Grade 10, Polytechnic Lyceum)
  11. Nobleman Prokhor (Grade 10, Rusanivskyi Lyceum)

Composition of group 9 and younger (junior):

  1. Gavrilyuk Anton (9th grade, Lyceum Scientific Change)
  2. Yelizaveta peas (Grade 9, PNL 145)
  3. Igor Nikolaev (9th grade, Lyceum Scientific Change)
  4. Matviychuk Vladislav (Grade 9, Lyceum Leader)
  5. Borys Tregubenko (Grade 9, Lyceum Leader)
  6. Henik Polina (Grade 8, Lyceum Leader)
  7. Romaniuk Iryna (8th grade, Lyceum Leader)
  8. Anton Kaminsky (Grade 9, PDL 145)
  9. Tailor Andrey (Grade 9, Lyceum Leader)
  10. Matuzka Daniel (Grade 9, Lyceum Leader)
  11. Bardus Denis (Grade 9, Lyceum Leader)
  12. Chaiko Artem (8th grade, Lyceum Leader)

For each lesson, 100 UAH should be paid for each student (not fundamentally – from school, parents, benefactors, etc., in cash or cashless).

In case of refusal of the student from classes, his place is taken by the next rating.

The compositions of the groups will be reviewed for the first time after the autumn selection for the IMO, as well as on the results of the Olympiad for grades 7-8, which will be held for this purpose. These changes, as now, will be determined by the vote of teachers.

The next changes in the composition of the groups will be after the city Olympiad, but this process still needs to be clarified – whether to do it every time after the first round, the second round, etc., or wait for the completion of the selection for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad and determine the composition of groups for the spring.

Please suggest names for these groups to make it easier to refer to them.

About Internet Olympiad

I note that we invite everyone to join the Internet Olympiad. The most important thing in this matter is not to forget to send your solutions in a timely manner. Here is a link to this year's Olympiad, although there are no terms or conditions yet:

We will be reminded if we do not forget ourselves.

Regarding participation in this event: we know well all the problems of this event – the level of tasks, checks, organizations, etc., in general, I do not know that this Olympiad has an attractive or positive, except for the opportunity to get additional places for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad. So about the positive. Experience last year showed that Kolodach and Didur got to the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad thanks to this Olympiad, and then they made their way to polonsky's circle. It is well known that it is sometimes much more difficult to pass the selection from Kyiv than through an Internet Olympiad. In addition, last year the Kharkiv team, thanks to all the bonuses, in the case of the Internet Olympiad, was able to bring 24 students, and brought only 22. That is, it is a hint to Kyiv residents that students from Kyiv should actively participate in this event. I will immediately note that students who enter the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad and without internet Olympiad, but will be able to win their places at this event, will receive compensation for all losses for participation in the Internet Olympiad – road, accommodation, etc. Thus, we would like the best representatives of Kyiv to fight for places at the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad through the Internet Olympiad.





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