In memory of Vitaliy Polonsky

In memory of Vitaliy Polonsky

polonskyj In memory of Vitaliy Polonsky

Everyone who knew Vitaliy Polonsky still cannot recover from the unexpected and heavy loss… Sad and empty at heart. Let the earth be down to him. In his honor I want to do something good … something that is definitely approved by Vitaliy Borisovich himself.

We are convinced that Vitaliy would support the idea of creating a mathematical circle for the most talented schoolchildren in Kyiv. It has long been an idea to create a circle for those who have a chance to spend time on the National team of Ukraine for the International Olympiad. We decided to commit to create such an elitist group named after Vitaliy Polonsky:

  • students are invited to the circle.Kyiv and UFML AMC, which
    • won diplomas of the first or second degree at the All-Ukrainian Olympiad last year
    • are participants in the selections for the IMO last year
  • the composition of the group is supplemented by up to 12 students according to the results of autumn selections at the IMO
  • classes will be held 2 times a week (approximately 48 classes per year)
  • club free of charge

For the work of the group, we plan to attract the best specialists. Such work requires high qualification of teachers, and therefore high remuneration for work. The author's team, which included Vitaliy Borisovich, allocates 80 000 UAH to pay for the work of teachers. For the first stage, this amount should be enough, but we strive to make this project long-term.

We appeal to the students, friends and acquaintances of Vitaliy Polonsky with a request to join the fundraiser for the work of this group, to all those for whom The Teacher Vitaliy Polonsky did a lot of good, all those in the life of whom he left a significant mark. Please share this information.

Our contacts:

+38-(050)-5613964 (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp)




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