About the first year of the summer mathematical school for Kyiv residents "Liko-Simplex"

About the first year of the summer mathematical school for Kyiv residents "Liko-Simplex"

The Simplex School of Mathematics completed a pilot semester of mathematics teaching for all students in grades 5-11. On the eve of the new academic year, we decided on the initiative of the liko school to hold a summer mathematical school on the basis of this school.

And summer school on the basis of "Lico-school"
with the support of the School of Mathematics "Si

03 June (Monday) – 14 June (Friday) 2019

Organizational moments of the Summer Mathematical School (LMSH)

The school will operate 10 working days off on Saturday and Sunday. For students in grades 5-11, the agenda will be as follows.

9:00-10:00 Breakfast
10:00-13:00 Math
13:00-14:00 active leisure
14:00-15:00 lunch
15:00-18:00 creative mathematical, sports and niche entertainment (mathematical zanzibar, chess tournament, mathematical tennis, quest, etc.)

Lecturers will be students of KNU them. Taras Shevchenko, who taught at the All-Ukrainian Summer Mathematical School "Mathematical Olympus" and the School of Mathematics "Simplex".

Students of 1-4 grades will have a mathematical summer school together with an English summer school. Experienced junior teachers will work together with students with children of this age group. The program provides two blocks of active math classes, various activities and entertainment and, of course, English classes.

All the details of the LS "Lico-Primex" you can track on the website and accordingly be aware of all events.

Pupils of the summer school "Lico-Symplex"

Our summer school should be of interest to all those Kyiv schoolchildren who are more comfortable to conduct additional math classes in June, and not in other terms. In addition, last year VLSH "Mathematical Olympus" on the basis of UFML was very crowded. Since from year to year there will be more and more people wishing, this year there will be refusals to participate in the "Mathematical Olympus" school, especially for Kyiv schoolchildren. Therefore, it is worth taking the opportunity for Kyiv residents to take part in June, if it does not contradict family plans for the summer. Details of participation in Lyco-Simplex, registration, etc. can be found at the following link: registration continues!

If you have questions regarding the conditions of conduct, pricing policy, agenda, etc., then contact the organizers of the Lyco-Simex School, we are flexible and will always find an understanding with you on all issues.

Glory to Ukraine!


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