2rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of 5-7 grades

2rd All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of 5-7 grades

From 09 to 12 May 2019
the auspices of Kyiv National University
named after
Taras Shevchenko
2rd A
ll-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics will be held
students in grades 5-7.

Participants of Olympiad

We present the final list of participants of the Olympiad. All of them will live and eat in the dormitory and dining room of the IPO (ul.Vasylkivska, 36). The number of managers from the area is specified in the parentheses of the first column. Let me remind you that the payment for additional managers (where more than 1) is higher. I ask you in each region to deal with this issue yourself.

It is also clear that the places of regions cannot be filled by representatives of other regions, even if these positions are free.



5th grade6th grade7th grade
1.Vinnytsia (2)Babiy SviatoslavShvayko DanilSugak Patrick
2.Volyn (1)Smal VictoriaAnton DobrovolskyMike Denis
3.Dnipropetrovsk (1)Semenyuk IhorFilatov EgorGonza Violetta
4.Zhytomyrska (1)  Lozovy Władysław
5.Zakarpattia (2)Mykhaylyuk KhrystynaIgor DubskyLeshko Martin
6.Zaporizhia (1)Mikhalev TimurIgor BondarAntipenko Ilya

Frankivsk (1)

Psiuk YuriyAlexander LisovskyAnastasia Tsygalyuk
8.KievAnastasia ShenklyanovaLeonid DyachenkoPolina Henik
9.Kiev (1)Fyodor Uleshchenko  
10.Lvivska (3)Roman LeganskyFedunyak StepanFrankevych Yevheniia
11.Nikolaev (1)Berin ArtemProtsenko PavloDmitry Remeshevsky
12.Odessa (1)Polina KovalenkoAlina BadyukAnastasia Stoykova
13.Poltavska (2)Ivan MoskovSalenko BohdanMatvey Tereshchenko
14.Sumska (3)Ivan ChubkovetsArthur NausovLanda Mykyta
15.Ternopilska (1)Khrystyna RatushniakFarenik YuliiaThink Catherine
16.Kharkov (1)Matthew KutaAnton SovetovKsenia Thrush
17.Kherson (2)Alexander ProtochenkoElena GupolValko Volodymyr
18.Khmelnitsky (1)  Andrukhovsky Denys
19.Cherkasy (1)Frey WładysławMark GlinskyBorziak Artem
20.Chernivtsi (2)Skutar KseniaBogdan ZasimovichPylypyuk Artem
21.Chernihiv (1) Ponomarenko Mykyta 

Let me remind you that the following participants are invited to participate from Kyiv outside the competition:

Romaniuk Iryna (7 classes), Tatarko Sofia, Yvko Yuriy, Ukshe Daria (grade 6), Basov Andrey, Belov Andrey, Kolisnyk Timofey (grade 5), and Pusharuk Roman, Pogoretsky Yuriy (grade 4)

The agenda of the Olympiad

All events of the Olympiad will be held at the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics (Pr.Glushkova 4d), as well as at the Institute of Postgraduate Education (IPO, ul.36) Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.


09 May (Thursday)

10:00-14:00 Settlement in dormitories (IPO dormitory and hostel #19)

14:00-15:00 Lunch (IPO dining room)

15:00-16:30 Opening of the Olympiad (auditorium 01 of the Faculty of Cybernetics)

18:00-19:00 Dinner (IPO dining room)

May 10-11 (Friday and Saturday)

09:00-10:00 Breakfast (IPO dining room)

10:15-13:15 Tours of the Olympiad (audience 01 of the Faculty of Cybernetics)

14:00-15:00 Lunch (IPO dining room)

14:00-18:00 Jury review of olympiad (audience 221 faculty of cybernetics)

15:00-16:30 Free time for participants, excursions.

18:00-19:00 Dinner (IPO dining room)

May 12 (Sunday)

09:00-10:00 Breakfast (IPO dining room)

10:15-12:00 Appeal of the Olympiad (audiences 111-113 IPO)

12:00-14:00 Closing of the Olympiad (assembly hall of the IPO)

14:00-15:00 Lunch (IPO dining room)

15:00-18:00 Departure around the houses

Organizing Committee and Jury of the Olympiad

We present the jury of this Olympiad.

Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7
Maria BanderasKodyrov ZarinaAndrey Gurazovsky
Akabayev AkhbirElena NikolaevaNastya Lukyanova
Kostiuchenko UlyanaDasha GrebenshchikovIvashin Darius
Dudko KatyaPolina SandatsianIlya Barenblatt
Tsymbal KostyaKondratenko OlegOleksii Oleksyshyn Oleksiy
Bilonozhko AlinaIlone PolyukhovychKateryna Melnyk

If you still want to join the event, then let us know about it while there is still time for it.

With sponsorship this year, it is not enough, only our diaspora in the United States responded to the help, but those prizes may not be enough for everyone. Therefore, I immediately apologize to the participants who are out of the competition, but there are no prizes for them this year.


About cultural program and financial issues

At the opening this time, the working moments of the Olympiad will be mainly discussed, I ask the leaders to be ready to respond to the cultural program of the Olympiad. There are plans on the days of completion of tours there is a bus tour of the city of Kiev, as well as a visit to the Planetarium. At the opening, you should inform us who will take part in these events, and who will want to either walk around the city on their own or just have a rest.

Regarding payment for accommodation and meals. You can pay for the event either by transferring the specified amount to the accounts of the Charitable Foundation "Athena", or hand over the cash to the accountant of the fund. If you need to more officially report on your expenses for the Olympiad, then you will have time to agree on this in the dining room and dormitory. But there are certain nuances. I remind you that the cost of participation in the event for all children of the Olympiad participants who will live and eat, as well as 1 manager from each region will be 1300 UAH. All additional managers must pay 2000 UAH. Let me remind you that these are discounted prices. If you are issued a bill for accommodation, then there are no discounts.

Details of the "Athena" Bank:

Charitable organization
haritable Foundation "Athena"
04071, vul. Yaroslavska, 4b
Account No. 26006052622723

MFO 320649
EDRPPO code 36138219



Please, if you have any questions about the Olympiad – call and ask, or write on the website. And also answer our questions, suggestions and surveys yourself.





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