About All-Ukrainian Summer Mathematical School at UFML "Mathematical Olympus" and other summer schools

About All-Ukrainian Summer Mathematical School at UFML "Mathematical Olympus" and other summer schools

This year, as always, the V All-Ukrainian Summer School "Mathematical Olympus" based on the UFML will take place. We will inform about the conditions of its conduct a little later, when we finally find out all the details and conditions of its conduct. At the same time, registration will begin. But the announcement should be given now that it will take place, since now a number of summer schools have already been announced so that fans of our "Mathematical Olympus" do not worry.


V All-Ukrainian Summer School on the basis of UFML
Kyiv National University
after Taras Shevchenko
Mathematical Olympus"

August 15 (Thursday) – August 28 (Wednesday) 2019

Organizational moments of summer school (LMSH)

As always, all the details of the VLSH "Mathematical Olympus" you can track on the website and accordingly be aware of all the events. As for the nuances that have arisen now, they are the result of last year's school. The only remark from the participants regarding its holding was that there were too many participants. If the lecturers still coped, then the dining room was a little cramped. Therefore, this time it will be held for 240 students, that is, in each parallel 5-9 and together in parallels 10-11 there will be exactly 2 groups of up to 20 people in each. As a result of the greater number of people (and last year they were parallels of 6th and 7th grades), preference will be given to those who participate in the VLSH Mathematical Olympus not for the first time (that is, for them it has long been in the plans for the summer) and the winners of olympiads.


About other summer schools

I wanted to write about this, because now the number of such schools is growing steadily. This is a big plus under all conditions. I would love to explain such a nuance. You will be able to get sufficient knowledge of mathematics in almost every one of them, if it is organized by specialists of the proper level. But there is an VLSH, where the main thing is to teach students, and there is – where to earn. It is quite simple to determine. Firstly, there is the cost of VLSH, popular already have sponsors and the cost should not be unlimited. Secondly, it is necessary to look not at the achievements of lecturers (for example, they are prize-winners of international or other high-level Olympiads), but the desire and ability to share this knowledge.

Recently, an educational event took place, which has not yet happened in Ukraine and it is not known when it will still be – the VIII European Olympiad among girls. It was its conduct that was supposed to be a test of who values ukraine for their country and who loves only themselves. Our Olympiads from the USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries came to our aid. Kyiv Olympiads were presented very massively, so we are very grateful to the representatives of Kharkov – Smirnov Denis, Shevchenko Oli and Pumpkin Alina, who selflessly worked side by side not for money, but for the prestige of Ukraine. Just like Kyiv students, who will mostly become teachers of VLSH "Mathematical Olympus", selflessly worked on a volunteer basis. I note that none of them set personal conditions – make me a leader at the EGMO or at the international stage, include me in the jury of the All-Ukrainian or International Olympiad, etc., otherwise, we will not help Ukraine in conducting EDMO, as others have done. Therefore, look carefully at the teachers of VLSH and choose the best option for you or your children, students, etc.

I will immediately note that VLSH "Kontora Pi" is always planned at an extremely high level, and is completely free for participants, which already says a lot about it. Of course, as always impressive there is a non-thematic part of the program.


Main terms VLSH Mathematical Olympus

May 5 – 31, 2019 – submission of an application for participation in the Mathematical Olympus School. To do this, fill out the appropriate form on the site.

June 1 – 9, 2019 – the LMSH organizing committee will list those who are admitted to participation in the LMSH and publish them on the website.

June 10 – 25, 2019 – those who are on the lists for participation in the LMSH must transfer part of the amount of their participation in the summer school to the accounts of the Athena Charitable Foundation. For all Kyiv residents and non-Residents, this amount is 1000 UAH. With full confidence that nothing will prevent participation in the LMS, you can transfer the entire planned amount at once. I remind you that in case of refusal to participate, the return of this amount from the accounts of the Charitable Foundation has certain problems.

June 26 – 30, 2019 – the organizing committee of the summer school will present on the site the final lists of participants of the summer school and will calmly prepare for its holding.


Summer School Organizing Committee:

Andrei Ainkushin

Bohdan Rublev

If you have any questions or suggestions, then contact us with them, we will gladly discuss them. It is very likely that you have your own vision to improve the work of our/your summer school.


Glory to Ukraine!


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