All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of 5-7 grades

All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of 5-7 grades

Participants of Olympiad

The following file contains participants from areas whose applications have been accepted.
Applications_participation_at_April 25_Olympiad

As of now, we have not received an application from 6 regions. Therefore, parents, teachers, heads of clubs may apply in person no later than 23:55 on April 30, 2019. Of course, the applications should include adults who will be responsible for children during their stay in Kyiv. It is also possible to declare individual participants for free positions from the regions, but it is impossible that it is an application from a participant whose region is already represented in a certain class. I note that we are still waiting for managers from some regions where the participants themselves have so far been declared.

All participants who apply additionally within the specified period until April 30 will be settled in the UFML, as the IPO dormitory is fully filled out by the above application.

Arrival, settlement, meals, cost of…

You must arrive at the settlement within 9 May 2019, it is advisable to indicate the arrival time so that we know how much breakfast, lunch and dinner should be ordered. Let me remind you that all participants of the Olympiad will eat in the IPO dining room.

From this list of participants, all will be settled in the IPO, because the leadership of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and in particular the Institute of Postgraduate Education has found an opportunity to increase the possible number of places for participants of our Olympiad. There are also some discounts on accommodation.

The cost of participation in the event for all children participating in the Olympiad will be 1300 UAH (accommodation + meals).
The same cost is 1300 UAH for 1 head from the region.
If more than 1 manager comes from the region, the cost of meals + accommodation of each subsequent one will be 2000 UAH.

Payment can be made either in cash upon arrival or transferred to the accounts of the Athena Bank using the following details:
Charitable organization
Charitable Foundation "Athena"
04071, vul. Yaroslavska, 4b
Account No. 26006052622723
MFO 320649
EDRPPO code 36138219

in the purpose of payment should be specified – "Charitable assistance for the second All-Ukrainian Olympiad of 5-7 grades" and indicate from whom (region or surname)

Changes to the agenda

We have had some changes on May 9. The opening will be held not in the IPO, but in the audience of the 01st Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics (where children will write tours of the Olympiad) from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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