All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of 5-7 grades

All-Ukrainian Olympiad for students of 5-7 grades

About applications from regions and placement of participants

I think that sometime on Thursday, April 25, we will publish all received applications from the regions. After that, it will be possible to fill the vacant seats by individual participants if the educational institutions of the region do not prefer or cannot offer selected participants from their region. In addition, we are still waiting for official applications from regional methodologists in mathematics or from regional jury members of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad.

Now about the issues of the applications already submitted. The situation with the application from Sumy region is completely unacceptable. There is one child from grades 6 and 7 and two students from grades 5. Methodist said that he does not have the opportunity to choose one of the two, so closer to Thursday we will do it ourselves by drawing. After that, I ask you not to come to the fifth grader who loses the draw. Do not put yourself or even us in an uncomfortable situation.

Almost everyone wants to settle in the IPO. Therefore, here we will introduce this approach. All regions in which exactly 3 children will appear (it is clear that one student from each class) and 1 head will be all settled in the IPO. All other application options will be distributed more or less randomly between the IPO and the UFML. The approximate cost of stay and IPO for the entire period is 2000 UAH (but discounts are still possible here), in the UFML – 1300 UAH. Let me remind you that this amount contains three meals a day in the IPO.




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