EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

Preparation for EGMO–2019

Ukraine participates in the European Mathematical Olympiads for girls from the first such Olympiad, which took place in the English city of Cambridge in 2012. Yulia Kravchenko, Maria Pavliuk, Yaroslava Serdyuk and Olena Khaitonova were part of the team. All girls won silver medals, and the team in the overall standings took the high 3rd place.

It was with this Olympiad that the history of participation in the EGMO of Yulia Kravchenko began. Since the next year, 6 olympiads in a row, she and Andriy Aikoushin have been the unchanging leaders of the Ukrainian team. But the main achievement of that participation we consider the participation of Yulia Kravchenko.Under their leadership, with the help of all those who are not indifferent in our country, the Team of Ukraine has always presented itself with dignity at these events, in total, out of 7 Olympiads, we won 3.

ueQ1RII2kk-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56547430_382699419124794_2613066525317267456_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56972090_402897370263569_3495463750939443200_n-1-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57109886_1059074870957719_1581937318128779264_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57336203_2099920833411005_3879226710993928192_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

In addition, the authority of our leaders and the whole country has become extremely large. Therefore, it is not surprising that EGMO leaders requested to hold this event in Ukraine. And in 2017, the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych officially agreed to this. I think that then she did not even imagine the scale of the educational event she invited to Ukraine.

By the beginning of 2019, everyone calmly refused from this event, saying that it was not soon. Attempts to attract sponsors, find out the venue, etc., were exposed to a hint – it is still not soon. But we managed to make an important component – to submit an approximate budget for the future event, although most of the positions there were rather vague (the cost of opening, closing, transport, excursion costs, etc.). Fortunately, the state budget was adopted in a timely manner, and a good amount was laid in it – UAH 5.6 million.

After that, in general, several structures tried to join the EGMO-2019, but their seriousness of intentions raised some doubts until the beginning of 2019, the Small Academy of Sciences, headed by Mr. Ocsen Lisov, took up the case. Then for the first time we felt what a team of specialists who know what, where and how to do when organizing such events. After that, real work began, where everyone was responsible for their component. Ministry of Education and Science – for finance and government guarantees that everything will be carried out at the state level. MAN – for all organizational issues. KNU them. Taras Shevchenko – for the intellectual component of the event. As we can see at the end of EGMO-2019, everything was done by each side as best as possible, but about it later.

57085356_2642255905844527_246860503832330240_n-300x193 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

Countries participating in EGMO

We had some concern that compared to the previous EGMO-2018 in Florence, where there were 52 countries (of which 36 were European) and a total of 195 participants, significantly less can come to us. But after sending invitations, we realized that our reservations were useless – the vast majority of countries responded to the arrival at EGMO-2019. In fact, there were those from different resonances refused, but instead expressed the desire of some countries to participate in EGMO for the first time. Thus, we were visited by representatives of 49 countries (of which again there were 36 European) consisting of 196 participants. At the last moment, unfortunately, countries such as Bangladesh, Tunisia, Korea could not come to us, and then the representation would be even larger. An accurate list of participating countries (as well as many other interesting and important things) can be found on the official EGMO page, in particular at the following link:

Countries participating in EGMO

If you look at the composition of the heads of delegations (leaders of countries and their deputies), it becomes clear how EGMO is closely related to the IMO held in the summer. In almost every country, leaders are the same, which is natural. Because the preparation and selection for participation in EGMO and IMO should be done almost the same.

56883538_275334800082628_1966313724067184640_n-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57154612_1562601633884209_9173921570115026944_n-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57262829_1297670860388484_4933078507086413824_n-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers Украина EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers Молдова EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers Команда3 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers Команда2 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers Команда EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers Казахстан EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers Vtrcbrf EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

Leaders of all countries form an international jury EGMO, which approves tasks, principles of conduct and other organizational issues. The head of the jury each time appointed a representative of the country of the organizer, and this year he was a teacher of taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Andrey Aikoushin. Let us immediately say that all jury meetings were held at the highest level both in terms of solving clear issues and in the sense of finding consensus opinions of representatives of all countries.

Tasks and coordinators

When at one time we agreed to hold such an event, in addition to organizational issues, the most important, especially for determining the level of development of Olympiad mathematics in the country, is the selection of tasks and coordinators.

Regarding the selection of tasks, this is usually taken care of by a specially appointed commission, which includes both representatives of the organizer's country (majority) and international reputable specialists who should help in the process of selecting tasks using their experience from previous EGMO. In Ukraine, there were many outstanding participants of olympiads who adequately represented the country at various international and domestic events. But when the chief of coordinators was appointed, we had no doubt that They should become Oleksii Khurman. His enormous authority in the world scientific and Olympiad mathematical world, vast experience, erudition in all mathematical fields, efficiency, etc. were confirmed by 100%. Impeccable selection of tasks was appreciated by all the people involved in the Olympiad – participants and jury members.

Inspection by the organizers is done by coordinators. This year, first of all, we invited all the best representatives of Ukraine. It is clear that many of them are already studying or working not in Ukraine. Almost all of our IMO and EGMO participants of the past years were invited, as well as our other best representatives, who at one time from different resonances – not lucky, sick, extremely high competition that year, etc. – were not included in the participants of these events. By the way, Alexey Klumman himself at one time did not get to the IMO due to high temperatures, although his level was always worthy of gold.

57204502_844761685862864_6776729167770681344_n-225x300 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

A list of all coordinators can also be found here:


We were also asked to be coordinators or people who are coordinators almost every year, or just great friends of Ukraine who volunteered to help us. Of course, we invited them as well. Similarly, when checking the works that I recall were written in about 39 different languages), other Ukrainian mathematicians helped us. In general, all our coordinators from everywhere purchased tickets for convenient flights from the Ministry of Education and Science and sponsors so that they could help during EGMO-2019, as well as visit relatives, friends and return home in a timely manner. All this logistics took over man. In general, the coordinators arrived in addition to Ukraine from the following countries: Australia, England, Belarus, Italy, Luxembourg, Canada, Germany, Poland, the United States, France and Switzerland.

But it cannot but say that unfortunately not all the people we have invited to help in coordination have volunteered to do so. It is very unfortunate that at one time our country provided them with the opportunity to participate in prestigious international competitions (not only IMO and EGMO), but they either referred to the "extraordinary employment" at the time of EGMO-2019, or put forward other strange conditions. Employment – this could be referred to if the terms of EGMO-2019 were not known since 2017 and it was simply strange not to manage their affairs, but as for me – just a complete reluctance to help. Nevertheless, this level of coordinators was not in any country. Senior tasks and just coordinators perfectly coped with their task. All disputes were finally resolved by chief coordinator Alexei Kourman, only the Albanian leader did not agree on the assessment of one work. The coordinators put a score of 6 there, and he wanted 7, but a specially selected arternity jury from reputable representatives of 7 countries promptly resolved this issue in favor of the opinion of the coordinators.

57227759_383518925832158_5072953935375892480_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57355512_347290629260851_4127842924442419200_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57240664_636652506772890_4603851766151249920_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57155119_2223847087699148_4561115084914425856_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57131031_323645394961045_3560209639897300992_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57004788_323756841661426_1646676232059748352_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56962012_381889225741224_6855477814049636352_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56947115_402756203641040_197518291743277056_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56917780_398190717684861_7899492932443439104_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56904912_420403562120286_1122951437563723776_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56857605_2223613947955062_5930514520471502848_n-225x300 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57052964_2648129235257194_1730267419605204992_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

Organization of olympiad

I also give these details here only because everyone who manages this site was too involved in organizing different stages of the Olympiad, and simply physically did not have time to promptly cover all the events. Therefore, already post factum I do it here, not quite chronologically, but as it turns out.

Bright programs, prepared souvenirs, backpacks, pens, etc. were printed for all participants of the Olympiad (in the sense of everyone, not just girls). All the moments of arrival (meeting at airports and railways), settlements, departure home…, everyone knew what to do. In each direction was responsible. The first delegation from Australia, which arrived on April 5, was met in Boryspil. But the border guards did not look very carefully at the invited guests to Ukraine. After this unfortunate moment, all delegations instantly passed the customs and the delays were minimal.

A team of guides was formed from the students of KNU and some other universities. It was a very bright and responsible team of our young Ukrainians who worked out almost the best of all. We did not hear any complaints about their work, on the contrary – parting was sometimes quite painful, because those 6-7 days of EGMO passed too quickly. This was also fully concerned with MAN and the head of the guides Dasha Chumachenko.

57155174_2648129165257201_6504799463817609216_n-225x300 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

A complete list of our guides can be found here:

Guidгиды-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers eгиды2-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers s56384065_2636649049738546_112524354994044928_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

In addition, a bunch of organizational issues – printing out signs, issuing backpacks, scanning works, arrangement of desks and much more were taken over by volunteers – students of junior courses of the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of the KNU. Many thanks to them for this from all the organizers of EGMO-2019, coordinated the work and other issues of our volunteers Katya Dudko, Zarina Kodyrov, Yulia Tikhonravova and Kateryna Melnyk. There were a lot of volunteers in total, so if you write out a list of everyone who joined the help at least once, it will be under a hundred surnames. It was very pleasant that as many as three of our volunteer girls had their birthdays during the Olympiad, with which we congratulate them here and now again – this is Zarina Kodyrov, Sonia Perelygina and Ulyanka Kostiuchenko!

56902369_469425210488368_5329371673449725952_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57104275_2112940972114975_1709140917857812480_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56940393_398567874027506_634069346213167104_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers imgonline-com-ua-Compressed-Ttlbi3WwQC4-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

On April 7, most teams arrived and settled. Made their first trips to Kiev.
On April 8, the jury initially approved the tasks of the Olympiad, and in the evening it was engaged in their translation into languages that were ordered by the participants. During the day, a bright opening was held, attended by the heads of the Ministry of Education and Science and the National University of Ukraine, as well as other honored guests. In particular, our brilliant girl mathematician, professor from Switzerland Marina Muszskaya gave a welcoming speech. She also had her first mathematical achievements at mathematical olympiads. On this day, the coordinators began to study the proposed tasks already on their part.

56887111_2294976590763025_3864378308971986944_n-300x198 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers DSC03823-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers DSC03793-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers DSC03809-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers DSC03765-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers
On April 9-10, the participants wrote 2 rounds of the Olympiad, coordinators with leaders approved schemes for checking these tasks. In the evening, all the leaders and coordinators checked the work of the participants. Volunteers scanned the works.

56843821_2080865845295363_2359779753977708544_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56825496_2080866045295343_4620781092713005056_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56702220_2080865855295362_758106575792504832_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56652942_2080865361962078_8815948016067280896_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56679459_2080865548628726_3140370015413338112_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56505434_2080865728628708_6623936324690771968_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers
April 10 in the evening was the first official excursion to Kiev with guides to various bright places. It was compiled in such a way that there was no large accumulation of participants at the same time in places where there is no possibility for this.

56806425_2088188491229765_2590026439545847808_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers O57325098_2088189224563025_3086448083991527424_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers n57232178_2083033848411896_3028385473383890944_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56517493_2083033728411908_5524989918905892864_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers April 11, the girls went on a tour to Pirogovo, and the adult participants of EGMO coordinated the work. The only unfortunate thing is the weather…, it was cool and rainy, as well as the next day. In the evening, the jury summed up the official and final results of the Olympiad.

DSC04670-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57015601_1418369541652047_8790278873439797248_n-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers DSC04890-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers DSC04854-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57216641_2088256211222993_9168387801106874368_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57154149_2088227564559191_8849410943789039616_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57052294_2088256861222928_164237011073368064_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56832543_2088221021226512_3059501373277077504_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

On April 12, the organizers of the Olympiad were concerned about printing diplomas and other official documents for closure, and all participants went on boats along the Dnieper.

imgonline-com-ua-Compressed-rmOW5yZJYjA-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57311688_2088266931221921_4180825142789668864_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57034618_2088267164555231_4514031647665946624_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56985342_2088301434551804_6904650465124810752_n EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

During the day, the solemn closing of the Olympiad was held, attended by the heads of the Ministry of Education, Science and Other Structures that helped during the EGMO-2019, as well as representatives of sponsors, diaspora, just guests… After the closing, the final party took place, which lasted until a deep night, when april 12 famously passed on April 13 – the last day of the Olympiad. The teams went home. Again organized, accompanied by guides with tears of goodbye… I hope that most have been impressed by the hospitality of our country, our people and on occasion will gladly come to us more than once.

Yulia Kravchenko

imgonline-com-ua-Compressed-DkWSRuMxyKkzrEC-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

It is difficult to overestimate the role played at the Olympiad by our charming head of the International Organizing Committee Yulia Kravchenko. It was so immersed in the general issues of EGMO in general and the conduct of EGMO-2019 that it promptly resolved all issues. It began with the fact that she from Hawaii gave appropriate and accurate advice, and upon arrival in Kyiv she simply took everything into her own hands and corrected all organizational shortcomings and training flaws. Probably only the level of tasks it did not touch during EGMO-2019. After everything else, everyone ran to her – someone somewhere did something wrong or something happened or happened – she quickly and promptly solved everything. And the tour was generally completely on it, if someone was getting warm or cool, someone wanted water or tea, everything was instantly resolved. She also put things in order during the coordination, where the beginning was slightly smeared with fuss and small. Low bow to her for all this, if someone can claim some kind of honorary award for holding EGMO-2019, then she should be the first of the first!

Andriy Ainkushin

56862253_1287917758023715_719497362422104064_n-300x225 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

The second person who was addressed for all questions was the chairman of the jury Andriy Aikoushin. He and Julia all these days lived side by side with participants at the Ramada Hotel and solved complex and simple problems and issues day and night. This calm mind and prudence is the benchmark for the organizers. Even the issues of late participants on the plane were promptly resolved so that a good impression of Ukraine remained forever.

MAN team

Separately, I would like to thank the heads of different units from THE MANU. In general, there were as many assistants from the ManAs as there were volunteers, they appeared when their help was needed. But the heads of different directions of EGMO-2019 were always there.

Ocsen Lisovyy – the head of the ManUs, solved 100% of the questions, either on his own or knew who was responsible for it. Thank you for such a good team of specialists!
Yevhen Kudryavets solved all issues related to international issues EGMO-2019. This is a meeting at airports, payment of fees and much more.
Konstantin Trushkovsky – all logistical issues that where bullets need to be delivered, brought, found, etc. There is no denying only a calm and balanced solution to the issues.
Oksana Ponomarenko – all printed products, gifts – possible and even impossible – medals, diplomas, openings, closures, all she sought to spend no worse, but frankly, better than in previous years and she succeeded.
Dasha Chumachenko – as we wrote above, she managed the work of guides around the clock, every evening (or even closer to night) they held meetings with the MAN team with guides, how to spend the following days and what was not ideal the days that passed.
We would also like to note Valeriia for solving all transport issues when they selected all those who got lost due to their own negligence.
And finally, Alexandra, who brought any necessary equipment and solved all related issues.

imgonline-com-ua-Compressed-43j8UnEzSmRLG-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56781083_2074749605957354_2006677440167936000_n-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 56839653_518138531923896_4830783973917458432_n-1-200x300 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers imgonline-com-ua-Compressed-7O9ZlvwkVnfp-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

Participation of the Ministry of Education and Science

56837314_2662830930410135_235581674899898368_n-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57097027_2662828007077094_3023548240696967168_n-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

It was very pleasant to feel the daily assistance of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine at the highest level. A lot of issues have been promptly and effectively resolved thanks to such state assistance, and this applies not only to large contributions from the budget. At the opening and closing it was pleasant to see the Minister of Education and Science Lilia Hrynevych and her deputy Pavlo Hobzey. We hope that they enjoyed holding such majestic events in Ukraine and we will still hold more than one such competition in Ukraine, and the experience gained will be very useful for this purpose.

imgonline-com-ua-Compressed-lPa68bbuW0g-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

Sponsors and philanthropists

The main compilers of EGMO-2019 were the Ministry of Education, Science and The National University of Kyiv. Huge financial, human and organizational resources were invested by these three institutions. Ukrsibbank also provided great assistance, both financial and gift for participants of EGMO-2019. Other benefactors were Ukrainian IT companies – Luxoft, LUN, GlobalLogik, RAZOM, EPAM, as well as the Ukrainian Graduates Fund, RAZOM and NOVA UKRAINE.

DSC03848-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers DSC03801-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

Unfortunately very few such companies have decided to help, which is very surprising. In general, when career days are spent, the halls of faculties are full of recruiters from such companies who want to tell about their companies. But not to use such a huge international platform as EGMO-2019 is very strange to me. Moreover, all volunteers were students of the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics.

Results of olympiad

56947149_2173133139429257_6529654478214266880_n-300x214 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

The composition of the teams of Ukraine – the main and "V" (from left to right):

Nechyporuk Karina (Kyiv, Lyceum No. 208) – won gold;
Olesya Bilyk (Kyiv, PNL No. 145) won bronze;
Kateryna peas (Kyiv, PNL No. 145) – won gold;
Petrusenko Vlada (Kyiv, Novopecherska school) – won gold;
Pushkin Denys – head.
Cormorant Alice (B) (Kyiv, Lyceum Leader) – won an honorary award;
Cormorant Margarita (B) (Kyiv, Lyceum Leader) – won bronze;
Jour Olga (B) (Kyiv, Lyceum Leader) – won bronze;
Ivanchuk Roksolana (B) (Kyiv, Naukova Change Lyceum) won bronze.

Results of olympiad

We only give participants who have won at least silver medals, a complete list of participants with points and awards, as well as team results can be found at the same time


1SRB1Jelena Ivančić77777742Gold Medal
2USA1Emma Qin77277737Gold Medal
3HUN1Anna Kerekes77777136Gold Medal
3POL2Justyna Jaworska76277736Gold Medal
5BGR4Mihaela Gledacheva76777135Gold Medal
5ROU1Alexandra Timofte76777135Gold Medal
5UKR3Karyna Nechyporuk77077735Gold Medal
8CZE2Magdaléna Mišinová77775134Gold Medal
9MEX1Ana Paula Jiménez Díaz77774133Gold Medal
9POL3Katarzyna Kępińska64277733Gold Medal
9UKR4Vlada Petrusenko67775133Gold Medal
9UNK4Yuka Machino75077733Gold Medal
13USA2Ishika Shah77477032Gold Medal
14BRA1Mariana Bigolin Groff72777131Gold Medal
14UKR2Kateryna Horokh77277131Gold Medal
14USA3Catherine Wu77277131Gold Medal
17GEO2Ana Onoprishvili71777130Gold Medal
17PER2Carla Fermin76277130Gold Medal
19SVK3Lucia Krajčoviechová77572129Gold Medal
20FRA2Anna Luchnikova77077028Silver Medal
20LTU4Julija Paliulionytė73774028Silver Medal
20LVA1Anete Valnere76771028Silver Medal
20PER1Monica Martinez64773128Silver Medal
24AUS4Evgeniya Artemova77273127Silver Medal
24GEO1Tamar Korkotashvili77471127Silver Medal
26AUS2Grace He27277126Silver Medal
26BLR2Palina Chernikava73771126Silver Medal
26FRA1Léonie Kittel75077026Silver Medal
26JPN3Yurika Ueshiba74275126Silver Medal
26PER3Gladys Alekza Salazar73771126Silver Medal
31BGR1Lyuba Konova74572025Silver Medal
31BGR2Margarita Stefanova76074125Silver Medal
31BGR3Marina Boyadzhieva70774025Silver Medal
31BIH3Naida Purišević71773025Silver Medal
31HUN3Janka Hámori63277025Silver Medal
31MEX2Nuria Sydykova Méndez77074025Silver Medal
31POL1Jagoda Bracha74077025Silver Medal
31SRB2Tamara Ponjavić73771025Silver Medal
31USA4Janabel Xia73771025Silver Medal
40BIH1Lejla Skelić74273124Silver Medal
40LTU3Alina Paliulionytė72771024Silver Medal
40UNK1Naomi Bazlov54077124Silver Medal
40UNK3Yihua Luo71277024Silver Medal
44KAZ2Assel Katayeva71771023Silver Medal
44ROU4Diana Țolu71771023Silver Medal
44TUR3Asude Ebrar Kızıloğlu75470023Silver Medal
47BLR1Aliaksandra Novik61077122Silver Medal
47IND3Rohinee Joshi72076022Silver Medal
47MEX3Karla Rebeca Munguía Romero47074022Silver Medal
47NLD1Floor Beks73075022Silver Medal
47ROU2Amina Abu Shanab65074022Silver Medal
47SAU2Ghadeer Daghistani70771022Silver Medal
47SVN2Tea Jeličić77071022Silver Medal
47TUR2Sude Filiz43771022Silver Medal
47UNK2Sarah Gleghorn23772122Silver Medal
56GEO4Mariam Ivardava73074021Silver Medal
85UKRB2Marharyta Baklan71270118Bronze Medal
92UKRB3Roksolana Ivanchuk47023117Bronze Medal
92UKRB4Olha Zhur70271017Bronze Medal
99UKR1Olesia Bilyk76003016Bronze Medal
119UKRB1Alisa Baklan24071014Honourable Mention
1USA (USA)4282415282281253100
2Ukraine (UKR)427279212291153010
3Bulgaria (BGR)4281619281721101300
4Poland (POL)4251662222141052100
5Serbia (SRB)4281614281071031120
5United Kingdom (UNK)421139282391031300
7Romania (ROU)4271414281611001210
8Hungary (HUN)42114928261991120
9Peru (PER)425131628123971201
10Mexico (MEX)42321728121921201
11Georgia (GEO)428111124122881201
12Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)42611112881850220
13Japan (JPN)4289102871830130
14Australia (AUS)41818428113820202
14France (FRA)42519021170820210
16Belarus (BLR)425872893800220
17Kazakhstan (KAZ)4246162832790130
18Slovakia (SVK)42116721101761012
18Turkey (TUR)42011152280760211
20Brazil (BRA)4247724103751020
21Lithuania (LTU)4255162170740210
22Czech Republic (CZE)42011721121721003
23Slovenia (SVN)4251102861710121
24Republic of Moldova (MDA)426642850690040
25Italy (ITA)41612028101670031
26Ukraine B (UKRB)4201242352660031
27Netherlands (NLD)428802180650121
28Germany (GER)4166228101630022
29Canada (CAN)4181742110610022
29India (IND)3193421140610120
31Austria (AUT)471922262580012
31Greece (HEL)4180102820580022
33Latvia (LVA)417972210560102
34North Macedonia (MKD)416622830550013
35Saudi Arabia (SAU)422471451530111
36Albania (ALB)412602630470012
37Ecuador (ECU)417261610420020
38Switzerland (SUI)451421550410011
39Azerbaijan (AZE)414121840390012
40Ireland (IRL)412042110380012
41Denmark (DEN)414721310370001
42Spain (ESP)410102950360001
43Chile (CHI)417011410330011
44Belgium (BEL)41460730300011
44Costa Rica (CRI)41762221300000
44Cyprus (CYP)41172901300010
47Israel (ISR)31311850280002
48Finland (FIN)46120220220000
49Luxembourg (LUX)2210730130001
49Norway (NOR)4190201130000

56962103_1173038826192165_5049612128151928832_n-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57155363_596681040852858_40958216883929088_n-300x200 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers 57297859_634507366988431_1627646095259598848_n-300x203 EGMO–2019 through the eyes of organizers

Conditions and solutions

Here is a link to the conditions of tasks (in Ukrainian) and complete solutions.







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