CS50 Puzzle day from Harvard University

CS50 Puzzle day from Harvard University

Harvard University invites Ukrainians to the CS50 Puzzle Day 2019 international logic problem solving competition, which will be held online from March 29 to April 1. The best teams will receive certificates from Harvard.

The purpose of the annual CS50 Puzzle Day is to demonstrate that computer science is not only about programming, the main thing in it is solving various problems and the ability to apply logic. Moreover, none of the tasks of the competition requires programming skills.The authors of the tasks are employees of Harvard University and Facebook.

You can take part in the contest both independently and as a team. On March 29, the organizers will publish the tasks in English, the solution of which will be time until April 1. Detailed instructions and registration are available at the link.

An example of last year's tasks and answers can be found here.

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