IMO and Junior Group Meeting

IMO and Junior Group Meeting

Warehouses of groups

At the end of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad, the groups have made certain changes. We give their composition.

IMO Group

  1. Oles Golyombovskiy (Uzhhorod, grade 11)
  2. Kateryna Peas (Kyiv, grade 11)
  3. Vadym Koval (Kyiv, UFML, Grade 11)
  4. Andrey Kovrigin (Kyiv, Grade 9)
  5. Lutsenko Konstantin (Kyiv, UFML, Grade 11)
  6. Naumets Zakhar (Kyiv, Grade 9)
  7. Nechyporuk Karina (Kyiv, grade 11)
  8. Yaroslav Romanus (Lviv, Grade 10)
  9. Volodymyr Fedyniak (Lviv, Grade 11)
  10. Hasin Marko (Kyiv, Grade 10)
  11. Yudin Fedor (Kyiv, Grade 10)

Junior Group

  1. Alice Cormorant (Kyiv, Grade 10)
  2. Margarita Cormorant (Kyiv, Grade 9)
  3. Olesya Bilyk (Kyiv, Grade 11)
  4. Vasin Bogdan (Kyiv, Grade 10)
  5. Volodymyr Didur (Kyiv, Grade 9)
  6. Olga Jour (Kyiv, Grade 10)
  7. Ivanchuk Roksolana (Kyiv, Grade 8)
  8. Mykola Hare (Kryvyi Rih, Grade 10)
  9. Mytsyk Serhiy (Kyiv, Grade 10)
  10. Petrusenko Vlada (Kyiv, grade 11)
  11. Popov Alexander (Sumy, Grade 10)
  12. Mykhailo Shandenko (Kyiv, Grade 10)

Format Meeting

The meeting will begin in the morning of March 24. It will end on March 30 in the evening. Please take these boundaries into account and not be late. For non-Kiev will be planned 24 breakfast, and 30 – dinner.

The cost of the meeting is as follows:

For those who do not need accommodation and three meals a day – 800 UAH.

For those who need accommodation and three meals a day – 1600 UAH.

I ask you to respond and warn us all those who will not take part in them in different resonances.



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