Results of the first day of spring…

Results of the first day of spring…

It's not even about the weather…

On awarding the winners of the Olympiad K
NU them. Taras Shevchenko for grades 4-6

Awarding of the winners of the VIII Olympiad took place Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv for students 4-6 Classes. Unfortunately not all the winners arrived, but we were pleased to welcome all present. I hope that these diplomas will stimulate children to new achievements and it is in mathematics. Expect photos soon.

Additional tour for students of the 5th grade

An additional tour took place. Two participants – Andrey Basov and Anastasia Shenklyanova – flawlessly coped with the scores and scored 28 points out of 28. Therefore, to determine the winner, the draw was used, the winner of which was Anastasia. Thus, it will get a place in the official competition at the 2nd All-Ukrainian Olympiad of grades 5-7 from the city of Kyiv, the other three – outside the competition.

Additional round of selection for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympics

An additional tour took place. Peas scored 19 points, and Petrusenko and Bilyk scored 21 each. And tt. the draw was held, the winner of which was Olesya Bilyk, who became the last member of the Kyiv team. Spare was Petrusenko Vlada.




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