Ukraine team's performance at Romanian Masters of Mathematics 2019

Ukraine team's performance at Romanian Masters of Mathematics 2019

From February 20 to February 25 in m. Bucharest (Romania) hosted the 11th International Mathematical Olympiad "Romanian Master of Mathematics 2019". This year 24 teams from 22 countries took part in the competition. Our team was the largest, it consisted of 11 participants:

  1. Yudin Fedor (Kyiv, grade 10, Lyceum No 208)
  2. Voytovych Oleksandr (m. Kharkiv, 11 class, FML No 27)
  3. Zolotariov Klimentiy (m. Kharkiv, Grade 9, FML No 27)
  4. Hasin Marko (Kyiv, Grade 10, Rusanivskyi Lyceum)
  5. Lutsenko Konstantin (m. Kiev Grade 11, UFML)
  6. Vadim Koval (m. Kyiv, Grade 11, UFML)
  7. Catherine peas (m. Kyiv, Grade 11, KPNL No 145)
  8. Aleksey Masalitin (m. Kharkiv, Grade 10, FML No 27)
  9. Slobodyanyuk Denys (m. Kharkiv, 11 class, FML No 27)
  10. Mikhail Kupriyanov (m. Kharkiv, 11 class, FML No 27)
  11. Naumets Zakhar (m. Kyiv, Grade 9, CPL No. 171 "Leader").

The team leaders were Alexander Dashkov, Arseniy Nikolaev and Olga Shevchenko, who themselves participated in the RMM in different years. On the first day of the Olympiad, the team leaders got acquainted with the conditions, adopted the text of future competitions and translated them into Ukrainian. In the afternoon there was a grand opening

01-1024x768 Ukraine team's performance at Romanian Masters of Mathematics 2019

As always, the competition is held in the format of the International Mathematical Olympiad – in two rounds 3 tasks are offered, the solution of which is given for 4.5 hours. The conditions of tasks in Ukrainian can be viewed below (will be added later).

After the participants have finished writing the work, team leaders checked their solutions and agreed points with the coordinators. This year, no the participant did not receive less points than he could expect. This time, the jury such tasks and criteria, which was much easier compared to the past year, get intermediate points for advancement in the solution. For example, for task number 5, all our participants received at least two points, and task number 3 together they received 19 points for partial promotions.

Below are the results of our team members:

code123 456Amount 2010–1
Yudin Fedor UKR1 7 7 4 7 2 734 Silver Medal
Voytovych alexander UKR2 7 7 3 7 5 534 Silver Medal
Zolotariov Clementius UKR3 7 7 1 7 3 025 Bronze medal
Hasin Marco UKR4 7 7 2 7 2 025 Bronze medal
Lutsenko constantine UKR5 7 6 0 7 2 224 Bronze medal
blacksmith Vadim UKR6 7 7 2 7 7 030 Silver Medal
pea Catherine (country) UKR7 7 7 2 7 2 126 Bronze medal
Masalitin Alexey UKR8 7 2 0 1 3 013 Reward-promotion
Slobodyanyuk Denis UKR9 7 0 1 7 2 017 Reward-promotion
Kupriyanov Mikhail UKR10 7 0 2 7 7 023 Reward-promotion
Naumets Zakhar UKR11 7 7 2 7 2 025 Bronze medal
02-1024x768 Ukraine team's performance at Romanian Masters of Mathematics 2019

Ukraine took ninth place out of twenty-four teams in the team standings. It should be clarified that the result in the team standings consists of the sum of the three best results among the four participants whom the team leaders chose before the competition. Since our team was formed according to the results of the selections for the IMO, which took place in the fall, we chose exactly those four participants who showed the best result then. We chose the fourth participant according to the additional selection criterion for the IMO, which was changed last year, and the results of subsequent competitions.

During their stay in Romania, our participants managed to make friends and spend time with representatives of the teams of Slovenia and Belarus, as well as together with local volunteers and guides:

05-1024x768 Ukraine team's performance at Romanian Masters of Mathematics 2019

Active communication with other teams and their managers, with organizers, experience protection of the works of participants, which are won at competitions of this level by the heads of teams is no less important part of the overall team experience than the ability to solve problems by participants.

Once again, thank you very much benefactors, as well as all concerned citizens who cheered our Command. Thanks to such solid support, as well as good preparation, possible high results of our participants.


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