September tour of Turnira Gorodov in Queve

September tour of Turnira Gorodov in Queve

Base round- up: 3 Martha (ins), 10:00 in KPNL 145.
Sloane Round: March 17 (ins), 10:00 at KPNL 145.

Cratkoe describes: All the ginste is gleaming with the arrival of participation in the spring tour of Turnira Gorodov – iolympiades in mathematics for 8-11 classes (but the power comes and bolee mladshie, horseback). The olymmyada is a beauties and a sleutical task (the incooratical problems of the tour of the turnst of the gorodov sravnymy on the sloan with the tasks of the IMO) and the same topics, that in the nei attract the participation of schoolers with the eyes of many gorodovyh raznyh stranc.

More information about the olympiad itself (where it is possible to find the tasks of the scrolled fly):

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