Final results of the selection of the Kyiv team for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

Final results of the selection of the Kyiv team for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

Results of selection

Surely the results of the Internet Olympiad will be taken into account, as we predicted. Therefore, the Kyiv team will consist of 14 students, of which 13 have already been identified. I will write as usual the surnames and names, as well as the schools that these participants represent. Who sees that I am in break the law by the fact that I publish such a volume of personal information, warn about it. We will remove at least the surnames so accurately.

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  1. Hasin Marko (Rusanivsky Lyceum, grade 10) 72 points (Internet Olympiad)
  2. Andriy Kovrygin (Lyceum No. 208, Grade 9) 67 points (main place of the 9th grade)
  3. Nechyporuk Karina (Lyceum No 208, 11 class) 67 points (main place 11 class)
  4. Mykhailo Shandenko (Lyceum Leader, grade 10) 63 points (main place 10 class)
  5. Shashkov Vladislav (Lyceum Leader, grade 11) 62 points (main place 11 class)
  6. Dmytro Rudenko (Lyceum Leader, grade 10) 58 points (overall rating)
  7. Shevchenko Ivan (Lyceum No 208, 9 class) 57 points (overall rating)
  8. Ivanchuk Roksolana (Lyceum Scientific Change) 54 points (main place 8 class)
  9. Naumets Zakhar (Lyceum Leader) 54 points (1st place IV stage)
  10. Gavrilyuk Anton (Lyceum Scientific Change) 50 points (main place 8 class)
  11. Volodymyr Didur (Gymnasium No 178, 9 class) 36 points (Internet Olympiad)
  12. Kolodach Yana (Lyceum Leader, grade 9) 29 points (Internet Olympiad)
  13. Yudin Fedor (Lyceum No. 208, Grade 10) 28 points (IMO gold)

According to the current "Rules for the selection of the Kyiv team for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad" 4 participants got to the 4th round:

  1. Kateryna peas (PDL No 145, 11 class) 56 points
  2. Bilyk Olesya (PNL No 145, 11 class) 54 points
  3. Petrusenko Vlada (Novopecherska school) 54 points

All these participants represent one parallel. In general, the ideology of the selection rules was such that under such conditions the 1st round of the city Olympiad had to be taken into account. But no one noticed that this idea disappeared. Therefore, next year at the jury meeting I want to put such a clause to the vote. Because I consider it right, although this situation arose for the first time in many years. I note that if this idea were valid, then the 4th round would still take place. Because bilyk scored 28 points in the first round and Peas scored 26. Ms. Petrusenko would not have participated in this selection.

I note that all these girls are representatives of Ukraine at this year's EGMO, so we wish them success, but we note that only one of them will win.

The result of the 4th round (an advantage of even 1 point) is final. In case of an equal result, a draw is held in the 4th round. The 4th round will be held on March 1, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics.



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