Meeting of IMO and Junior groups. Refinement

Meeting of IMO and Junior groups. Refinement

Another clarification of the composition of groups

After communication and quite acute with parents, teachers, participants, I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to clarify my position, my attitude to the current situation.

Let me remind you that the main problem was the mass refusal to participate in Belarusian Republican Olympiad in mathematics of participants who won their places in reserve. I would like to emphasize that as for me it is a very important and interesting event both for their own training at a rather powerful Olympiad and for presentation of the level of mathematical training in Ukraine. Unless the journey itself is, perhaps not as interesting as in another foreign country. Therefore, we never we offer to take part in such an Olympiad more than once. But the mass participants who choose the best part of another (or maybe not one) All-Ukrainian Olympiad – in physics, chemistry, computer science, etc. Of course, each participant has the right to do so. But our groups are guided by on those who prefer to represent Ukraine in mathematical events. Not yourself personally at several different Olympiads.

Initially, I wanted to deprive such participants of the opportunity to participate in the meeting in general, even wanted to enlist the support of other organizers of the meeting. But after listening to all the arguments, I must admit that the main thing is that it was not warned in advance. Therefore, here and immediately I warn you that from next year the refusal to participate in the Belarusian Olympiad (or another alternative, which may be offered to our junior group members) automatically means refusal to participate in the meeting. Because these meetings prepare the participants who are ready to defend the honor of Ukraine around the world.

Regarding this year's meetings scheduled for 27.02–06.03 and 24.03–30.03, all participants who refused to participate in the Belarusian the Olympiad must pay the full price of participation in the fees at the cost of the competition. It includes accommodation (for non-residents), meals (lunches or three meals a day), the percentage of expenses for the lecturer is expensive and fee. The exact amount will be soon after final clarification of the cost of living, as the living conditions in the IPO. All other attendees pay as always approximately 50% of the cost of his stay at the meeting.

I give a list of those who are concerned with the condition of full payment for participation in Meeting:

Vasin Bogdan (Kyiv, Grade 10)

Vakhitov Anton (Kyiv, Grade 10)

Andrey Kovrigin (Kyiv, Grade 9)

Mytsyk Serhiy (Kyiv, Grade 10)

Yaroslav Romanus (Lviv, Grade 10)

I ask each of them to confirm participation under the following conditions or your refusal from participating in the meeting. Not answered during the week (until February 24, 2019) automatically indicates your refusal to attend the meeting.

IMO Group

  1. Oles Golyombovsky (Uzhhorod, grade 11)
  2. Kateryna Peas (Kyiv, 11 class)
  3. Vadim Koval (Kyiv, 11 class)
  4. Andriy Kovrygin (Kyiv, 9 class)
  5. Lutsenko Konstantin (Kyiv, Grade 11)
  6. Naumets Zakhar (Kyiv, 9 class)
  7. Karyna Nechyporuk (Kyiv, Grade 11)
  8. Petrusenko Vlada (Kyiv, Grade 11)
  9. Protsyk Maksym (Lviv, 11 class)
  10. Volodymyr Fedyniak (Lviv, Grade 11)
  11. Hasin Marko (Kyiv, 10 class)
  12. Yudin Fedor (Kyiv, 10 class)

Junior Group

  1. Cormorant Alice (Kyiv, 10 class)
  2. Margarita Cormorant (Kyiv, 9 class)
  3. Olesya Bilyk (Kyiv, 11 class)
  4. Vasin Bogdan (Kyiv, 10 class)
  5. Vakhitov Anton (Kyiv, 10 class)
  6. Volodymyr Didur (Kyiv, 9 class)
  7. Ivanchuk Roksolana (Kyiv, Grade 8)
  8. Vladislav Zavodnyk (Kyiv, Grade 10)
  9. Mykola Hare (Kryvyi Rih, Grade 10)
  10. Mytsyk Serhiy (Kyiv, 10 class)
  11. Mikhail Noskov (Kramatorsk, Grade 10)
  12. Popov Oleksandr (Sumy, 10 class)
  13. 2010–12 Ukrainian 2010–09 Grade 10)
  14. Dmytro Rudenko (Kyiv, 10 class)
  15. Solyduk Gleb (Lviv, 10 class)
  16. Ivan Shevchenko (Kyiv, 9 class)
  17. Mykhailo Shandenko (Kyiv, Grade 10)

Rules of the meeting

The meeting will begin on February 27 in the afternoon. The arrival of the plane with the lecturer at 13:30, but certain (and even significant) delays in the passage of customs care, so before 15:00 they will definitely not start. End a meeting is scheduled for March 6 at about 11:00. I ask all adults – parents, teachers, heads of clubs, etc. – to take into account the proximity of the terms of the IV stage All-Ukrainian Olympiad, which will be held from March 11 to March 15 in Cherkasy. Therefore, you can for individual participants to decide the end of the meeting, for example, 3-4 march, so that the participants have time to rest on the eve of the most important Olympiad.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held almost the same composition already in the spring from March 24 to March 31, 2019. Certain changes may be made when results of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad.

Further, from May 3 to May 9, the best will be selected for the team of Ukraine on the IMO.




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